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Singlewire's Challenge


A leader in emergency and mass notification software, Singlewire needed a fast, reliable, branded system for the InformaCast Fusion solution. The hardware needed to integrate seamlessly into Singlewire’s workflow and be easy to deploy to customers who lacked a strong internet connection or virtualization capabilities.

The OnLogic Solution


In working with OnLogic to select the right hardware platform, Singlewire found the fastest system they had ever tested their software on, the OnLogic CL100. More than that, they found a partner that fit into their business and development workflow and a guide through the regulatory certifications required for their application.

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Pat Scheckel, Singlewire Executive Vice President of Product Management & Marketing
“People depend on Singlewire and InformaCast to keep them safe. That means our software needs to work everytime without fail. That’s why we chose OnLogic as the supplier for the platform for InformaCast Fusion.” Pat Scheckel, Singlewire Executive Vice President of Product Management & Marketing

More Than Just A Hardware Vendor


Singlewire was looking for more than just a vendor. As a software company, their expertise was in coding and designing, not deploying pre-loaded plug-and-play devices, so they wanted to find their analog in the industrial hardware space.

Solutions Built For Flexibility


In addition to finding the solutions to their hardware and regulatory needs, Jerry learned what it was like to partner with OnLogic - easy. Our flexibility allows Singlewire to rapidly deploy their solution to customers without the hassles and headaches of a traditional hardware vendor, while providing the customization and support they need to best serve their customers.

Jerry Steinhauer, Singlewire Chief Technology Officer
"With OnLogic, I found everything I was looking for and more.” Jerry Steinhauer, Singlewire Chief Technology Officer

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