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Changing the Face of Security with Advanced Access Control

Princeton Identity's Challenge


Princeton Identity has leveraged their advanced biometric screening software to make secure access control faster, easier to use and more affordable. To deploy their IDS Series access control platform, they needed a reliable, flexible, and customizable edge platform on which to host their software.

The OnLogic Solution


Princeton Identity learned that OnLogic was more than just a vendor that could deliver the reliability they were looking for. What they found was a partner invested in their success that could offer the customization, branding and security features their project required.

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Project Needs


Princeton Identity CEO and Founder Mark Clifton, and the rest of the Princeton Identity team have always placed a lot of value on the reliability of their security solutions. Beyond reliability, however, the need for flexibility, customization, and encryption are paramount for the systems Princeton Identity deploys.

Bobby Varma, Director of Technology, Princeton Identity
“When we needed certain TPM security features, OnLogic their expertise and relationship with Intel to get what we needed for the project.” Bobby Varma, Director of Technology, Princeton Identity

The OnLogic Solution


Because Princeton Identity is deploying their hardware at the edge, their systems need to be encrypted from front to back to ensure the integrity of the application. By leveraging our relationship with Intel, we were able to bring the security features they needed along with additional customizations and system branding both quickly and affordably.

The customers Princeton Identity serves have differing infrastructures and systems. They require systems that are flexible enough to fit a variety of applications, but compact enough to tuck away discreetly. Our ML450 was a perfect match and gave Princeton Identity the ease of operation they needed with custom I/O and integrated Crystal Fonts display for managing the device.

Mark Clifton, Founder & CEO Princeton Identity
"We’re very happy with the partnership with OnLogic, and it’s been working really well for us. They’ve provided us with the hardware, security and customization we need, all for a reasonable price.” Mark Clifton, Founder & CEO Princeton Identity

Mark shares what it’s like working with OnLogic on specialized projects that require customization and flexibility - easy.

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