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“The relationship with OnLogic has always felt just so clean and easy. There are somewhere around 14 separate processes that combine to create the Queso photo booth, and getting hardware from OnLogic constantly feels like the one that's running the smoothest."Clay Heller, Photobooth Supply Co. Marketing Director

Who Is Photobooth Supply Co.?

The Future of Photo Booths

Photobooth Supply Co’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs with meaningful business opportunities that allow them to capture memories. The company manufactures cutting edge photo booths for clients looking to expand their existing business to include a portable photo booth, or individuals interested in providing and operating photo booths for events like weddings, company parties or proms. In addition to photo booth hardware that is easy to setup, simple to operate and ultra reliable, PBSCO provides operation training and business strategies to their ever-growing clientele of photo booth providers.


Project Needs

A Custom, Small Form Factor Photo Booth Computer

When PBSCO approached OnLogic they were in the process of creating what would become their most exciting product to date, the Queso photo booth. Queso combines the most popular and widely used features of portable photo booths into one sleek, easy to operate package. As the Queso product page proudly states, "Other photo booths are built to take pictures. Queso is built to make money".

"You’ll always find us talking about reliability, reliability is essential to our people," says Photobooth Supply Co. Marketing Director Clay Heller. "For our owners, the ability to send an attendant out with their booth and know it’s going to work flawlessly is the most important thing."

PBSCO had a very specific set of requirements for Queso. They not only needed a highly capable, ultra-reliable computing platform, but one that would fit seamlessly into the enclosure they were designing. The right solution would need to control the Queso's dual screens, flash, printer and, of course, the camera. The team at PBSCO worked closely with OnLogic to identify the right motherboard and component combination that would meet both their feature requirements and exacting standards of quality.

Queso Photobooth
"Our computer is extremely customized, down to the mechanical restrictions of the mounting plate for the motherboard," says Heller. "We also had very specific requirements for the motherboard itself. OnLogic was the only vendor in our search that had connections to go directly to the motherboard manufacturer and get us what we needed."

The OnLogic Solution

A Customized, Highly Connectable Motherboard

Ultimately, Photobooth Supply Co. settled on a customized version of one of OnLogic's industrial motherboards. In addition to their specific connectivity needs, PBSCO chose to customize the particular board they selected due to its industrial build quality and long lifecycle.

"There used to be a lot of moving parts in booths, which is what informed our decision to build our own board with OnLogic" says Heller. "Having a custom solution like that, which is designed to be taken out to events, is a big part of how we’re making more reliable photo booths."

To learn more about Photobooth Supply Co. and how their upcoming Queso photo booth will change the portable photo booth industry, read our full Q&A with PBSCO Marketing Director Clay Heller over on our I/O Hub Blog.


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