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Achieving energy transition with neoom

A small industrial  computer that is the industrial gateway for green energy transition

BEAAM Internet of Energy solution

Transitioning to sustainable energy with neoom

According to the World Health Organization, climate change is the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century. The biggest driver of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. The move to sustainable climate-neutral energy solutions is more urgent than ever and rising oil and gas prices are adding to the pressure.

Affordable and clean energy is the 7th of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These were adopted by all UN member states in 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The energy sector has the largest share of total global greenhouse gas emissions at 60%.When it comes to sustainable energy solutions, there is so much that needs to be done.

Sustainable electricity for everyone

Sustainable energy solutions for everyone is the focus of Austrian company neoom. They are dedicated to the transition of energy from centralized fossil-based systems to renewable energy sources that are decentralized - meaning that the source of energy is located close to the site of energy consumption. But how can all of these sustainable energy sources in a decentralized model be managed to ensure energy security? That is where neoom and the Internet of Energy (IoE) comes in.

What is the Internet of Energy (IoE)?

The Internet of Energy (IoE) connects the energy infrastructure from energy production to delivery. The goal is to use the data from across the connected energy resources to determine the most energy-efficient way to deliver power from the point of generation to where it’s needed. It enables predictive energy management thereby reducing maintenance and energy costs and increasing operational reliability.

neoom’s IoE Solution

neoom saw the need for a platform for the IoE. The solution is called NTUITY. This software as a service solution consolidates all of a customer’s energy data and enables management and control of the energy infrastructure devices from any manufacturer at any time.

The real-time insights which are delivered with NTUITY facilitate predictive maintenance. That means that a cold shower or a cold house won’t be the first sign of a power issue.

Connected by a fanless OnLogic Edge Gateway

The individual energy infrastructure devices of the IoE network may include photovoltaic systems (solar panels), inverters, electricity meters, charging points and more. To collect the data from these elements, neoom needed a space-saving edge gateway device.

The fanless CL210G-11 with Intel Quad-Core processor was the perfect solution. The team at neoom worked with OnLogic to create a custom branded solution BEAAM, the "Gateway of Energy". The palm-sized device serves as an interface between hardware and software and records operational data 24/7. With BEAAM and NTUITY, customers can get an overview of their energy systems at any time.

A custom branded CL210G-11

OnLogic worked with neoom to create a custom branded CL210G-11 for their Internet of Energy solution

Why OnLogic?

“The high-quality industrial-grade chassis was important to us. Since OnLogic's industrial PC solutions feature state-of-the-art fanless and fan-cooled enclosure designs, OnLogic impressed us. The field of application – today's most demanding industrial IoT and edge environments – also fit our intended use: the Internet of Energy.”

- Andreas Buchner, Product Manager

The compact CL210G-11 edge PC can be installed in nearly any environment, whether dusty, space-constrained or vibration-prone. Extremely important to neoom in particular was reliability. Even in the event of internet failure, the industrial PC continues to operate reliably thanks to failover protection provided by 4G. With this, the live data stream for the customer does not break off and there is a real-time insight into the entire energy system at all times.

What is next for neoom?

In addition to photovoltaic systems, electricity storage and charging points, neoom also plans to provide an AI-based app in the near future. This will allow customers to overview all activities in their energy network from their smart device at any time, buy and sell sustainable electricity directly, and form energy communities to share electricity. neoom's sustainable solutions serve customers, the environment and future generations.

“Like neoom, OnLogic is committed to the vision of a better future – making it the right partner when it comes to innovative and sustainable projects!”

- Kurt Leonhartsberger, Chief Product Officer (CPO)
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