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‘IKE Solutions Creating the Future of Fisheries

Fisheries Management Addresses the Growing Demand for Food While Protecting Natural Resources

20% of the world’s population depend on fish as the primary source of protein in their diet. Fish are also a critical source of micronutrients necessary for human health including vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.

The business of raising or harvesting fish and other aquatic life, as well as the place where those fish live, is called a fishery. Commercial operations include wild fisheries and fish farms, both in fresh water and the oceans. These fisheries are threatened by overfishing, climate change, pollution, and competing uses for freshwater. Fisheries management was born of a need to balance the supply-demand equation. The essential question is how can fisheries meet the growing demand for food without depleting our natural resources?

A Fishery

A fishery can refer to the area of ocean where fish are caught, or the business of catching the fish.

ʻIKE Solutions is Creating the Future of Fisheries Through Innovative Technology

In 2014, Matthew Carnes began working as a fisheries observer to count fish in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea. The job was hard, it was repetitive and required acute attention to detail. Matthew guessed that one day, his job would be better performed by a computer. With that in mind, he started to work on a solution to modernize fisheries.

‘IKE Solutions - a Winner for Technical Innovation

In 2019, ‘IKE Solutions was founded after Matthew entered and won a technical innovation challenge in Hawaii hosted by the Purple Maiʻa Foundation. ‘IKE Solutions creates electronic monitoring programs and systems used by the fishing industry and fisheries management agencies. They specialize in collaborating with stakeholders to create one-of-a-kind solutions for a variety of fishery-related needs.

‘IKE Solutions use cameras and sensors powered by the Karbon 700

‘IKE Solutions use cameras and sensors powered by the Karbon 700.

The systems created by ‘IKE Solutions use cameras and sensors to collect data on fishing boats while they are at sea. Monitoring fishing activity live and in person is difficult and expensive, so using this technology provides an economical means to understand how fisheries are operating away from the docks. It also provides more transparency for fishermen who can market their catch as sustainably monitored.

The company is currently involved in a wide range of projects that collect data to address a specific issue in the fisheries sector. For instance, some systems are used to count how many fish are being caught by a given vessel, while other systems are used in research projects to understand how new fishing technologies can optimize fishing or reduce potentially harmful interactions with sharks and other protected species.

OnLogic Powers ‘IKE Solutions

‘IKE Solutions needed a system to power the cameras and collect the data for their various installations. The computers needed to be rugged enough to survive a salty, rough environment aboard an active fishing boat. They also needed to be able to connect to PoE cameras, effectively process the incoming image and video data, and secure the data from multiple camera streams at the same time.

K700 Mounted on Board a Fishing Boat

The Karbon 700 mounted on board a fishing boat.

Matthew noted that his biggest challenge was finding a compact and complete system that did not take up a lot of room in a ship's wheelhouse, or monopolize the limited power from the onboard generators.

“Being able to have the K700 provide PoE without the use of an additional PoE switch drastically reduced both space and power requirements. We were pleased when our first order of the K700 out-performed our expectations across the board.

“Specifically, the K700-X2 is useful because it can be shipped with a GPU to perform machine learning on the data while at sea, automating data analysis which ultimately allows for more efficient management of fisheries and fishing fleets, as well as reduces costs of shore-side data-analysis.“

- Matthew Carnes, Founder of ‘IKE Solutions

The OnLogic Difference

We asked Matthew what it was like working with the OnLogic team.

“From the beginning, the customer service was always on point. As the sector is still being established, we have relatively low volume and our orders are spaced out over months. Despite this, OnLogic has always been attentive to our needs in both providing us with systems that work for a specific purpose, as well as supporting technical issues we have when deploying a new system for the first time. OnLogic has always come through with deliveries when we need them, and the quality of the delivered systems has been extremely high. We would not be as far as we are today without OnLogic.”

- Matthew Carnes, Founder of ‘IKE Solutions

What does the future look like for ‘IKE Solutions?

In time, as the technology continues to be more widely accepted, ‘IKE Solutions hopes to become one of the main providers for fisheries technology around the Pacific. Their solutions will allow fisheries to be better managed, for lower costs, with increased transparency in fishing supply chains. They also hope to help smooth out fluctuations in fish supply logistics, and allow fishermen to collect, access and analyze valuable data on their past fishing tendencies. The end result is to move toward more sustainable aquatic resources with thriving fisheries that support more fish, feed more people and improve prosperity.

Matthew Carnes, Founder of ‘IKE Solutions

Matthew Carnes, Founder of ‘IKE Solutions

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