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Creating clean, mobile energy with Greener

Back in 2014, the founders of Greener Power Solutions attended a music festival in the Netherlands and had the opportunity to visit backstage. They were astounded to discover that the power supply was not planned efficiently and creating harmful pollution with diesel generators as the main energy source.

Traditional temporary energy creates a lot of greenhouse gasses

They soon discovered that the need for efficient temporary energy solutions was not limited to music festivals. For example, construction sites frequently have extensive power needs for lights, tools, ventilation equipment, heaters and more.

Generators powered by diesel fuel create exhaust that includes carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter (PM). In fact, the California air resources board estimates that diesel PM emissions from an average industrial diesel generator (~800 hp), operating at an average load of ~300 kW for 1 hour, is equivalent to driving nearly 660 miles in an average heavy duty diesel truck.

Greener provides the cleanest power solutions possible

A mobile battery system being installed at a music festival

Greener provides the cleanest power solutions possible.

In 2018, Greener was established in the Netherlands with a goal to provide emission-free energy anywhere. To meet their goal, they manage a fleet of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 36 MWh.

Replacing the diesel generator with a rechargeable battery system reduces CO2 and nitrogen emissions. In addition, the batteries can be used in combination with renewable energies, such as solar and wind power.

Greener's Energy Management Solution is the key

To control and monitor the microgrid, Greener created a controller called the Energy Management System (EMS) which monitors the batteries with a high degree of sophistication. It orchestrates multiple resources to meet the energy goals established by the microgrid’s customers. The goals might include low prices, clean energy, or some other outcome. The solution includes a user-friendly dashboard to enable customers to track energy consumption as well as monitor their savings on diesel and CO2.

The OnLogic Factor 201 is the computer platform for their sustainable solution

Greener selected the OnLogic industrial Raspberry Pi - the Factor 201 (FR201) to run their EMS. It allows them to remotely monitor and control the distributed energy resources and automate their cooperation. Using this EMS, Greener can provide power to their clients in the most sustainable way possible.

“The FR201 provides us with the versatility and convenience of a Raspberry Pi, while maintaining high quality industrial standards. As a cherry on top, we could fully customize our own branding on the device! Working with our account manager has been a very pleasant experience. The sales and customizing process went smoothly. There have been no surprises, the quality of both the product and documentation are good.”

- Jasper Clarijs, CTO, Greener
A custom branded industrial Raspberry Pi mounted on a DIN rail

The Factor Series offers integrated DIN rail and wall mounting options to let users install it where it's needed.

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Greener has over 100 batteries in their fleet that are operational in 12 countries. Their solutions have provided temporary power in a variety of scenarios including:

  • Carbon-free construction sites
  • Grid services to relieve congestion on the electrical grid due to seasonal activities, to provide back up, or as a temporary grid connection for maintenance work
  • Green energy for events
  • Mobile EV charging
  • Shore Power so that boats can turn off their diesel engines
  • For peak shaving on existing grid connections where the electric capacity comes from the grid and the battery delivers during power peaks
  • Anywhere there is a power shortage in need of a clean temporary solution

A bank of Greener mobile battery power stations

Greener rechargeable battery systems are mobile and can be used just about anywhere there is a temporary energy need.

Greener is justifiably proud of their impact. They estimate that they have reduced CO2 emissions by 10,779,000 kg and saved 3.5 million liters of diesel fuel. Their team is growing as they continue their mission of providing emission-free energy and helping their clients achieve their environmental goals.

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