OnLogic Frequently Asked Questions

We're excited about this evolution, but you may have questions. We hope the answers below help, but don't hesitate to reach out to us if there's more you'd like to know.

How will this change impact Logic Supply customers?

You may notice some different design elements on our website and in marketing materials, but the products, services and support you've come to expect from us will stay the same.

Were you purchased, acquired or have you otherwise changed ownership?

No. OnLogic, remains independently owned by our founders and our employees.

Should I begin making payments to OnLogic?

Yes, payments should begin being made to OnLogic. We will also continue to accept payments to Logic Supply for a time to ensure a smooth transition. Although our address and Tax ID number are not changing, should you need an updated W-9 form reflecting our new name, please send a request to

Will there be any impact to existing agreements?

No. Our evolution to OnLogic does not impact existing contracts or agreements made with Logic Supply.

Will emails to Logic Supply addresses still arrive following the transition?

Yes. Any emails sent to addresses will be automatically redirected.

Why are you changing your name?

In the early days of our company, we were quite literally "supplying the logic" for our customers - selling them memory, storage and other components. Today, we're helping the most innovative companies in the world solve complex challenges by designing and manufacturing advanced computing solutions. It was time for our name to catch up to who we've become. In addition, since our name has been our logo for the last 16 years, this gave us an opportunity to evolve our visual identity at the same time. We now have a new logo and some updated design language, but we're still the same people, creating the same innovative products.

Why did you choose OnLogic?

One of the primary motivations for changing our name was to avoid confusion regarding the value that we offer to our customers. There are many companies in our industry which supply components or systems under a reseller or distributor model. That is the business model we were founded on as well, but over time we have evolved into a designer and manufacturer of full hardware solutions. One of the simplest ways to represent this evolution was to move beyond the “supply” portion of our name.


At the same time, keeping “logic” was important to us as it remains a key component of all of the projects we support. It also provides brand continuity, since we are still the same people working alongside our customers, many of whom have referred to us simply as “Logic” for years.


Lastly, we wanted a name that felt more actionable and representative of the advanced problem solving that we're doing with our customers. Ultimately, we want our clients to dream, build and run on our hardware, so OnLogic felt like a natural, and fitting, evolution.

What does the new logo mean?

We work with our clients every day to solve complex technology challenges. Our favorite part of what we do is when we're able to help customers make the seemingly impossible, possible using our computers. The OnLogic logo represents the coming together of two entities (the two blue cubes) in a seemingly impossible way to form something new, which is a nice parallel to the hardware expertise that we combine with our customers' ideas to create innovative solutions.

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