The OnLogic low profile ML350




This industrial PC is designed to adapt to your application with 3 expansion slots, dual LAN and an attractive price point.


Purpose-Built Design

We believe industrial computers should be designed for the people who use them. By keeping you at the center of our design, we developed a system from board to chassis that packs more functionality, capability, and flexibility into a small form factor system that fits effortlessly into your application.


Specs Overview


Intel Apollo Lake Processing

With Apollo Lake processing and up to 8GB of RAM, the ML350 is ready to tackle industrial tasks and data acquisition while staying lean, cool, and efficient. Meanwhile, an industrial lifecycle means the ML350 is in it for the long haul.


Independent Dual 4K Display

Two DisplayPorts backed by IntelHD 500 series graphics lets you connect to dual independent 4K displays. Our optional multi-CEC functionality gives you even more control over your external displays.


3 Expansion Bays

Two full-height mPCIe and one mSATA slot gives you room to build the ML350 to your specifications. Whether it’s redundant solid state storage, WiFi/Bluetooth capabilities, or 4G LTE connectivity, the choice is yours.


Connect With Dual LAN, Wifi Or 4G

With two optional COM ports, 6 USB, configurable dual Gb LAN, and 4G LTE options, the ML350 was purpose-built with connection in mind.


Build It With Logic

The ML350 was engineered to be flexible. Here’s how it can fit into your application.

Digital Signage Application
Industrial Work Station Application
Machine Automation Application

Digital Signage & Kiosk

Because of its compact footprint, versatile mounting options and onboard connectivity, the ML350 is well-suited for industrial signage and kiosk applications. By adding our multi-CEC module, you can take full control over multiple external displays.

Industrial Workstation

Thanks to our proprietary Hardshell Fanless Technology, the ML350 offers a reliable alternative to failure prone fanned workstations. Its low profile design makes it easy to install the ML350 anywhere in your factory, warehouse or control room.

Automation Hub

With optional 4G connectivity and built for the rigors of industrial applications, the ML350 is a versatile automation hub in data acquisition, asset tracking or smart factory applications.


We can’t wait to see how you use the ML350 to power your innovations.



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