Ignition Industrial Automation Solutions


Scalable, customizable, analytics-driven SCADA, ready to deploy at the edge.

Ignition and OnLogic Solutions
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Build A Smarter Factory

OnLogic's automation solutions address the pain points of traditional SCADA to provide a modern solution for effective data management. Ignition is a powerful HMI, SCADA, and MES software platform from Inductive Automation that enables you to consolidate disparate systems into a single dashboard, to view and control your factory from wherever you are. OnLogic’s systems have the processing power, stability and network ports to connect and manage up to 100+ devices and 20,000+ tags.


Reliable factory-ready automation gateways and edge devices with preloaded software are shipped in days, not weeks, and ready for deployment out of the box.


Design and implement any type of SCADA or Industrial IoT application with ease, and instantly web-deploy unlimited clients to anyone, anywhere — all from one universal platform.


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Karbon 300 Ignition SCADA Server

How It Works

This is just one example of an architecture we can support. Contact us to discuss your specific project needs.

OnLogic Hardware with Ignition Onboard Lets You...

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    Create Reports Easily


    Generate dynamic SCADA dashboards without coding, and specify any number of parameters and data sources.

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    Manage Centralized Data


    Pull together and combine data from across the enterprise — SCADA, MES, ERP, and more — into one report, to view your data from anywhere and stay informed about your operation like never before.

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    Connect To Anything


    Using MQTT, data is synced across servers and properties with no need for a centralized server.


Complete Hardware and Software Solutions Built For Reliability

Karbon 700 Ignition SCADA Server

Integrate Infrastructure Easily

Interface with all of your equipment, sensors and peripherals with a wide range of industrial I/O, including legacy connectivity options for existing on-site equipment.


Designed for the Edge

Reduce latency and save money on bandwidth by putting compute power directly at the source of your data and only uploading critical information to the cloud.


Engineered to Last

Protect the performance of your Ignition deployment with gateway solutions designed for reliability in environments that would damage or destroy traditional hardware.