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Ultra-reliable video analytics devices to help you react to events in real time.

Prevent Loss Before It Happens

Gorilla IVARTM (Intelligent Video Analytics Recorders) from OnLogic give you the power of advanced video analytics at the edge. Leverage on-site image processing to deliver actionable facial, vehicle and object recognition in any environment to plan for and anticipate events before they happen.



Make It Possible with OnLogic Gorilla Hardware

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    Protect your investment while you protect your facility. Durable all-metal enclosures and available fanless designs enhance reliability and shield sensitive components from environmental damage.

    Easy to Connect


    Highly Connectible


    Collect and send data easily, to and from other devices or the cloud, with a wide range of industry-focussed I/O, multi-LAN configurability, and multiple wireless capabilities, including 4G LTE.

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    On-Site Processing


    Make decisions in real time by putting processing power at the edge. Save on bandwidth usage by only transmitting the data you need to the cloud.

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    Pre-Loaded with Gorilla


    Get up and running quickly and take the guesswork out of your deployment with a pre-installed Gorilla image.

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Built to Last
“OnLogic edge hardware is perfect for video analytics in challenging environments.”

Hardware Highlights

  • Rugged NVR with Gorilla

    Rugged NVR with Gorilla

    Built to survive extreme temperatures, vibration and variable power environments.
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  • Industrial NVR with Gorilla

    Industrial NVR with Gorilla

    Reliable, small form factor systems that are easy to install anywhere.
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About Gorilla Technologies

NVR capabilities have evolved from simply capturing and playing back past events, to enabling real-time object detection. Video analytics from Gorilla Technologies gives you unique insight into your business and operations from within a single dashboard. Protect your business with event-based surveillance solutions that effectively search and track people, vehicles, and objects. Detect suspicious events and prevent loss and shrinkage before they happen.


Gorilla's IVAR™ (Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder) technology is certified as the first IVA-based security software partner to integrate Intel's OpenVINO. This enables Gorilla edge devices from OnLogic to conduct one and a half times greater video feed real-time analytics without the need for a GPU.

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