• Limited space for installation
  • No on-site maintenance at each location
  • Needed to be pfSense® compatible


  • Compact footprint
  • Dual-Core Atom CPU
  • 5 LAN ports
  • pfSense® ready
  • Paired perfectly with MK100 rackmount server


  • Easy plug-and-play roll-out to all 22 locations
  • Central management through rackmount server
  • Significantly reduced network maintenance needs
“We were in the process of transitioning to a new ISP and were looking for an industrial firewall system for the 22 YMCA locations in the Central Ohio network. We needed something that had multiple LAN ports, was relatively small and was easy to install and maintain. Our networking consultant recommended OnLogic pfSense® compatible hardware, having had a great experience with OnLogic systems in the past. They were able to provide both the rackmount main server to serve as our network hub as well as the small form factor, industrial firewall systems that we’ve been deploying in the field.”William Briggs, Lead IT Specialist at YMCA of Central Ohio

Who is the YMCA?

Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility

Part of the 170-year-old YMCA organization, the YMCA of Central Ohio is one of Central Ohio’s leading nonprofits, committed to the betterment of young people through a host of development programs. The Central Ohio YMCA network comprises 22 locations offering volunteer opportunities, health and wellness educational programs, fitness classes, leadership training and a wide range of other resources to the surrounding communities.


Project Needs

A Reliable, Cost-effective, Industrial Firewall

The YMCA of Central Ohio was in need of a dependable firewall solution featuring a dedicated firewall computer for each of their Y locations, as well as a rackmount server to function as a central control hub. The organization was migrating from their previous ISP provider as well as switching to pfSense firewall software, which was not supported by their existing, aging firewall hardware.


The rackmount server needed to integrate into the existing IT infrastructure and stand up to 24/7 operation. Spread across the breadth of Central Ohio, each location also needed a reliable, cost-effective, pfSense®-compatible firewall computer with as many as 5 LAN ports that could be easily installed and maintained in a range of space-constrained locations.


The OnLogic Solution

The FW100B Industrial Atom Firewall with pfSense®

William Briggs, Lead IT Specialist at YMCA of Central Ohio worked with OnLogic solutions specialists to select and configure the MK100 rackmount computer for use as their network server. The MK100 provided the Intel Core i processing power that the YMCA needed, while the commercial-grade enclosure ensured reliable performance.

"William and his team were looking for a simple to use system that could be quickly deployed and was easy to maintain,” said OnLogic Account Manager Will McCue. “Being a nonprofit organization, the YMCA doesn’t have a huge IT budget so we worked together to find a cost-effective solution to ensure the integrity of their network. With multiple locations the system also needed to be fairly plug-and-play, and the combination of the MK100 and FW100B accomplished that very well."

The FW100B Industrial Intel Atom Firewall computer was identified as the ideal solution to be deployed at each of the YMCA locations in the Central Ohio network. Featuring an Intel Atom Dual-Core CPU, 5 LAN ports and supporting up to 200 Mbps of throughput, the FW100B was configured with pfSense software to enable IP filtering, network fingerprinting, load balancing, VPN connectivity as well as an easy to use reporting and monitoring system.

"Working with OnLogic allowed us to easily configure and purchase the hardware we needed for all of our locations. Will has been great in facilitating the process and OnLogic’s support team has been very responsive to the questions we've had. Utilizing OnLogic hardware in combination with the pfSense® software we've networked all of our locations and continue to add additional services for our users. Working with OnLogic has been very easy and we’re thankful to our networking consultant for turning us on to their networking hardware."

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