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“Over the last two years, we have purchased dozens of Network Video Recorder computers for CCTV from OnLogic. These units have proven to be highly reliable - despite the fact that these units are deployed offshore, on Oil and Gas rigs.”Jean-Jacques Paufiques, President, Jelec, Inc.

Who is Jelec?

CCTV Security Systems

Jelec, Inc. is a instrumentation and electrical engineering company serving the marine and oil and gas industries. With offices in Houston, TX; Lafayette, LA; and Okpo, South Korea, the company deploys a number of solutions to its customer base, including Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). CCTV Systems allow Jelec’s clients to monitor and record images for security and safety purposes. Jelec specializes in systems for hazardous areas, and use unique explosion-proof dome cameras.


Project Needs

A Reliable Network Video Recorder

With the surveillance needs of their customers on the line, Jelec was looking for a highly-reliable industrial computer platform to serve as the Network Video Recorder (NVR). The NVR is an important component in Jelec’s First Line Digital Surveillance System. Jelec required a computer with a shock- and vibration-resistant design; a wide operating temperature that could handle the heat commonly found in oil and gas exploration environments; sufficient processing power to run “MasterControl” or “DigitalSentry” software; mounting brackets; and ample storage for digital video. More than anything, they sought reliability, as most of their customers’ deployments were in remote locations.


The OnLogic Solution

An Intel Core-Based Fanless Surveillance Computer


“Jelec provided us with a list of requirements and we worked with their engineers to identify the best platform and configuration,” says James Floyd, OnLogic Sales Engineer. For reliability, the surveillance computer utilized a fanless chassis design. To meet the performance needs of the CCTV application, the unit was built around the Intel Core i7 processor. The motherboard and SSD were designed to operate between -25°C~70°C, enabling uptime even in extreme ambient temperatures. To achieve vibration-resistance, the configuration used solid state storage in addition to the fanless chassis. The unit was a compact 240w x 76h x 195d mm, so it could fit practically anywhere. And the system included mounting brackets.

“The system works well technically for us, and procurement is straightforward with OnLogic,” says Heather Davis, Jelec‘s Purchasing Manager. “James gives us personal attention and has a firm grasp on lead times and our supply chain. It is always a pleasure to work with him and his team.”

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