NUC Computers

Industrial NUC systems from OnLogic feature our Hardshell™ Fanless Technology and enable powerful, small form factor computing even in the most challenging environments. Ideal for space constrained embedded or IoT applications, we deliver reliability, durability and flexibility in a small package. Need help determining the best fit for your project? Contact our experienced sales engineering team.

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What is NUC?

Next Unit of Computing or NUC is a computer that leverages a small form factor motherboard with full scale capabilities. These mini computers offer powerful processing including Intel core I3, I5 or I7 and AMD Ryzen processors. With a wide range of I/O options, these industrial systems can power up to 4 displays, provide dual LAN, and wireless connectivity including 4G. Plenty of expansion options mean that the small form factor PC that you choose today will meet your needs tomorrow.

OnLogic’s Industrial NUC solutions are engineered for tough environments. They can withstand wide temperature ranges and are vibration resistant. Built with SSDs and without fans, these solid state systems are designed to be placed just about anywhere. These mini PCs are ideal for factory floor workstations, digital signage, advanced robotics and other embedded solutions.


Benefits of NUC by OnLogic

  • Small Form Factor
    Small Form FactorDesigned upon the foundation of the classic 4x4 motherboard to fit into tight spaces.
  • Powerful Processing
    Powerful ProcessingLeverage powerful Intel and AMD processors to handle complex operations.
  • Solid State Stability
    Solid State StabilityFanless and no moving parts makes these computers completely silent and resistant to dust and vibration.
  • Wide Range of Connectivity Options
    Wide Range of Connectivity OptionsHighly configurable with a wide range of industrial computing I/O including COM ports, HDMI, USB-C and more.
  • Installation Flexibility
    Installation FlexibilityOptions to put your industrial PC where you need it - whether it be mounted on a wall or in a cabinet.
  • Long Lifecycle
    Long LifecycleAvailable and supported to support the lifespan of your project.
A NUC by OnLogic Makes it Possible
  • Robotics

    These small computers are the ideal foundation to power robotics because of their small size, durability and powerful computing capabilities.

  • Industrial Automation
    Industrial Automations

    A NUC by OnLogic can handle your challenging industrial conditions. Have a manufacturing workstation with diverse I/O needs? We have a fanless solution for you.

  • Digital Signage
    Digital Signage

    Industrial reliability and performance with ability to support up to 4 screens, a NUC by OnLogic will enable high impact and long lasting digital signage installations.