Inspire Homepage Image has added a number of new resources, tutorials and projects for users of the popular BeagleBone Black single board computer.


July 14, 2014 (SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT) - Leading Industrial & Embedded computer provider ( has updated their popular BeagleBone Black resource page,, with tutorials and how-tos for makers and commercial developers interested in building and innovating on the emerging ARM platform.


Utilizing the popular single board computer, Inspire users will find tutorials on everything from adding WiFi capabilities to creating a basic temperature sensor or alarm. The site also features downloadable resources like plans for a 3D-printable BeagleBone case and printable pin header labels.


"With the Inspire site we’re looking to provide developers with the building blocks to help them create the next generation of embedded systems," said Logic Supply Engineer Richard St-Pierre who is part of the team working on the Inspire project. "The response has been phenomenal, and readership continues to grow with each new tutorial we post. The appeal of BeagleBone development seems to be the low barrier to entry and the ease with which functional tools can be created with just a bit of solder and a few lines of code. The community that has grown up around this platform is very passionate and we take inspiration directly from them in developing new resources and projects for the site. We orginally began offering the BeagleBone Black at Logic Supply because of its inherent flexability and the potentail we see for both consumer and commercial projects. Because it's open source hardware there's incredible opportunity for innovation and in continuing to provide resource on the site we hope to inspire users to create new, exciting devices."


Recent additions to Inspire include tutorials on connecting the BeagleBone Black to a smartphone, expanding the onboard file system and using Logic Supply’s Serial Cape to construct a CAN bus vehicle interface that can collect data from a car or truck’s computer. For each of its tutorials the website provides a list and links to the necessary materials and detailed step by step instructions.


The team behind Inspire continues to explore new ways to engage the passionate BeagleBone Black community, which has quickly expanded from creative individuals tinkering with weekend projects, to professional developers exploring the commercial and industrial applications of the platform.


Logic Supply CEO Roland Groeneveld says that the commercial implications of BeagleBone and other ARM technologies are part of what makes them so exciting for the entire embedded industry.


"The BeagleBone continues to be a popular maker platform, but we’ve also begun to see a great deal of interest from the commercial sector in implementing ARM in larger scale projects," Groeneveld said. "The latest version of the BeagleBone doubles the memory to 4GB and now comes pre-loaded with Debian, a favorite Linux distribution for developers. This, along with the recent arrival of a commercial edition of the board from manufacturer Element14, has opened the door for some exciting projects that our clients are in the process of prototyping."


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