Opportunity, Inclusivity and Sustainability

Our commitment to social responsibility.

Opportunity, Inclusivity and Sustainability

Our commitment to social responsibility.
Making a difference

Building incredible technology is just part of what we want to do.

At OnLogic, we create hardware to help solve technology challenges, but those challenges aren't the only ones we're all facing. We've always worked hard to make a difference in our global communities, and there's so much more to do.
How we do it

The Goals of Our Social Mission

Being responsible global citizens means doing what we can to make a positive impact on our world, guided by our Core Values, which inform everything we do.

Create opportunity.

We've seen firsthand that technology has the power to change lives, so we promote and support access to STEM education and careers, both locally and globally, with the goal of empowering the Innovators of the future.

Foster inclusivity.

The not-so-secret to our success is a workplace that amplifies and encourages diverse voices, opinions and ideas. We seek out opportunities to add team members who will offer new perspectives. We also work with and support organizations that improve workplace environments, with the goal of ensuring inclusivity is the norm not the exception.

Drive sustainability.

We know that all the innovation in the world is meaningless if we don't take care of the planet on which it's used. We're committed to building the world's best computers while continuously minimizing our environmental impact, with the goal of driving sustainability improvements across our industry.

Together we can do so much.

Tell us what matters to you.

We want to work with and support organizations whose missions align with ours. Contact us to share what you're working on, maybe we can help.

Join our team.

Want to be directly involved? Consider joining our growing team. Explore Careers at OnLogic
OnLogic is a proud member or supporter of the following organizations:
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