Life at OnLogic

Life at OnLogic

Our success is built on every member of our team feeling heard, valued and respected.

Life at OnLogic

Our success is built on every member of our team feeling heard, valued and respected.

Our people make it possible.

Excitement to come to work doesn’t just happen, it requires an engaged group of people united by common goals and values. Each of us is responsible for how we act and behave today, to cultivate a work environment we all want to return to tomorrow.

We lead by example. And everyone is a leader.

OnLogic is a driven, growing, performance-focused organization, not a lifestyle company that’s content with the status quo. To achieve our audacious goals, OnLogic was founded on, and continues to be guided by four Core Values. They’re more than just words on a wall, these values guide every decision we make and the way we interact with each other, our customers and our partners.

Be open.

Be clear and forthright in decisions and actions. Be generous and direct with opinions and objections, and encourage constructive feedback.

Be fair.

Act in the best interest of the company, your colleagues, our business partners and customers. Respect the ideas, actions and the value each of us bring to our work.

Be independent.

Embrace opportunities to do things differently and act on initiative. We control our own destiny and are not beholden to, or solely guided by, industry norms or trends.

Be innovative.

Improve how we work, make our processes more efficient and always drive toward better results. Develop solutions which solve current challenges and anticipate future needs.

We’re In This Together

Our Core Values drive our behaviors, and it’s those behaviors that continue to cultivate our company culture.
As part of the OnLogic team, we all nurture and support what we’ve built by exhibiting and reinforcing these behaviors.

How We Do It

We want to add team members who are smarter than we are, and who bring unique skills and new perspectives to their role and the company.
Our success relies on communication. When we make decisions, we share them.
Whether a candidate, employee, business partner or customer, when we know, you know.
More than words on a wall

How We Act Is Everything

Our commitment to creating a work environment that we feel our most comfortable and productive in takes the whole team, and we work at it every day by doing these simple but important things.

Don't be a jerk.

Just don’t.

Be a leader.

Act as an example to others, and they will follow. Carry an attitude worth catching.

Think like an owner.

Make decisions that evolve and improve the organization. Thrive in change, expect it, accept it and drive it.
Propose possible solutions to challenges when you identify them.
Consider how your decisions and actions will impact your colleagues, our clients and the organization, not just now, but in the future.

Speak up.

Share your opinions and recommendations in the moment. Ask why we do what we do, and understand It.
We can only fix what we know is broken.

Take smart risks.

Embrace the possibility of failure. New ideas that ultimately fail are a vital component of innovation and continuous improvement.
Plan carefully and define success so you can fail fast, know your mistakes, and use what you learn to drive toward success.

Fix it. 

Remove barriers and obstacles to success for you and your colleagues - don’t hide behind them or wait for someone else to act.
Fostering a supportive and productive workplace takes teamwork, intention and open communication, all things the members of our incredible team excel at.
Lauren Lavallee, VP of Human Resources

Communicate effectively.

Be mindful of the way you share your thoughts and the perspectives of your colleagues, and be receptive to new ideas and feedback.

Foster excellence.

Hold yourself, and your teammates, accountable to the optimal outcome. “Good enough” generally isn’t.
Learn from both success and failure.

Define your destiny.

Take charge of your personal development and growth.
Look for, and seize, opportunities to add more value to your team.
Identify ways your current work can get done without you, so you can grow.

How we maintain what we've built.

We work at it. Every day.
Ask why we do what we do, and understand It. We can only fix what we know is broken.


When you know, you know.

We don’t just check in with each other once a year, it’s a daily practice. Our success depends on taking pride in the work we do and taking care in connecting with each other to help all of us succeed.

We’re always asking:

Am I a positive example of our culture?
Am I adding value?
Do I feel valued?
Do I feel empowered to do my best work?
Am I where I want to be?
Am I growing toward where I want to go?
Have I voiced my concerns and were they heard?
Am I motivated to get out of bed for work in the morning?
At OnLogic, we’re always looking to hire people who are smarter than us.