CompactFlash to IDE Adapter - CFDISK.1E

A 3.5" hard drive size 40-pin adapter allows a CompactFlash card to be used instead of a hard drive through a 40-pin IDE connector.

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This adapter allows you to replace hard disk drives with solid state storage in existing systems. This interface allows CompactFlash (CF) cards to be used in any system that includes a standard IDE 40-pin connector. Once the system starts with the adapter and the CF card attached, the system recognizes the CF card as a standard disk drive. Unlike other flash storage systems, such as disk-on-chip modules, this solution does not require drivers or additional software to run the unit. The CF card can be the primary boot device containing the OS and application. A cable (not supplied) between the system and the adapter board makes it possible to mount the adapter to a front panel bay.


  • This adapter comes with a floppy style power connector
  • Supports CompactFlash cards (Type I & II) or an IBM Microdrive
  • Transparent to the operating system, and does not require any drivers
  • Same mounting hole locations as bottom holes of a 3.5" HDD
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Technical Specs
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Dimensions (WxHxD) 50.8 x 101.6mm
Notes This CF reader is not hot-swappable since it is an IDE device. A CF card must be installed in the CF reader before the computer is booted up. If a CF card is inserted in the CF reader after the computer is started, the computer will not recognize the CF card and the computer will need to be restarted.
Storage Options 40-pin IDE Module

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