Automotive Cable Kit

Versatile cable kit with multiple panel mount connectors for use with Intelligent Automotive Power Supplies. Customizable for Ignition-Sensing, Amp-Out/Anti-Thump, and additional V-in or Ground leads as needed.
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Designed to offer maximum versatility and customizability for automotive systems, the Automotive Cable Kit can be configured to meet a variety of power supply needs. The included cables and connectors can be used to provide basic automotive functionality through V-in, Ground, and Ignition-Sensing leads, or can be equipped with additional leads for Amp-Out/Anti-Thump, additional 12 V Out, 5 V Out, or additional Grounds.
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Technical Specs
More Information
Cable Length (mm) 305.000000
Included Accessories 1x 4-pin Molex Disk Drive Power Connector to Male Terminals
4x Male Terminal to blade connector cables
3x Mini-Fit Jr. 8-pin panel-mount receptacles
3x Mini-Fit Jr. 8-pin plugs
3x Mini-Fit Jr. 4-pin panel-mount receptacles
3x Mini-Fit Jr. 4-pin plugs
Notes This product is intended to be used in conjunction with the M3-ATX and M3-ATX-HV Automotive Power Supplies.

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