LCD Kit for MK150 Rackmount Case

Add-on kit for the MK150 1.5U rackmount case for integrated LCD display configuration. Assembly required.
  • Integrated LCD display with multifunction buttons
  • 2 60mm fan mounts

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Ideal for use in network appliances or applications where the system will be running without a monitor, the AKLCD-MK15X adds 4x20-character LCD display with six buttons to the front panel of the MK150 1.5U expandable rackmount chassis.


Like what you see, but need something a little different? The MK150 and AKLCD-MK15X are easily rebranded or customized to fit your application, with options for any product size or budget. Options include additional front panel I/O designs to custom screen printing and colors. For customization options, please contact a OnLogic technical sales associate at +31 88 5200 700.

Technical Specs
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Included Accessories


LCD Display

4x Spacers

4x M2 Nuts

M2 Washers

Notes Case not included.

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