Logic Supply NC200

April 12, 2013 (SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT) - Logic Supply (www.onlogic.com), a leading provider of specialized computers for industrial and embedded applications, is pleased to announce that Intel has tested and approved the thermal and acoustic quality of the new NC200 Industrial NUC Case.


The NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a 4-by-4-inch, small-form-factor motherboard that Intel developed to provide an even smaller system capable of today’s multimedia applications. Prior to its release, Logic Supply developed the NC200 chassis to capitalize on the qualities of the NUC board and apply them to the embedded appliance market. The NC200 is constructed entirely of rust-protected, plated steel, and is optimized for cooling, all while adhering to the flexible chassis features expected for industrial computing and digital signage.


As an Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance partner, Logic Supply was approached by Intel for compatible enclosure solutions. Logic Supply presented the NC200 case and submitted it to Intel’s environmental laboratory for testing. The case passed Intel’s thermal and acoustic tests, all of which are designed to determine the reliability of chassis systems before Intel markets them as viable system solutions.


The NC200 is the third system Logic Supply has developed in consultation with Intel’s design teams. These collaborative efforts represent a marriage of Intel’s board-level expertise and Logic Supply’s skill in engineering and system design.


“This is good news for everyone involved,” says Rodney Hill, Product Engineer at Logic Supply. “I’m excited to see the results of Logic Supply and Intel working together as leaders in product innovation and ecosystem solutions in almost every geography.”


About Logic Supply: A leading industrial PC company, Logic Supply is powering innovation worldwide. Designing and manufacturing small, rugged computers specifically engineered for harsh environments, the company serves a variety of industrial and embedded markets. In addition to its extensive product line, Logic Supply offers custom development as well as an end-to-end OEM service program. The result for customers is a true partnership characterized by speed, flexibility and value. Visit the Logic Supply website at //www.onlogic.com/.


Logic Supply Media Contact

Darek Fanton

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