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Fanless Industrial Computers

Fanless computers offer a number of key advantages over traditional, actively cooled systems and excel in dusty and dirty environments. Our fanless, solid state mini PCs leverage advanced passive cooling technology and utilize SSD storage, resulting in ultra reliable, totally silent computers with no moving parts.

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  1. CL100 Ultra Compact Fanless 4K Media Player
    Fanless Industrial Mini PC CL100
    • Intel Celeron or Pentium processor
    • 2 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, Gb LAN
    • Triple independent display or 4K media playback


  2. ML210G-10 Industrial Bay Trail Celeron Thin Mini-ITX Computer
    Fanless Industrial Intel Bay Trail Computer ML210G-10
    • Intel J1900 Celeron processor
    • 2 COM, 4 USB, mPCIe expansion
    • 1.5" height for easy integration


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  3. ML100G-10 Industrial Intel Bay Trail Fanless NUC Computer
    Fanless Industrial Intel Bay Trail NUC Computer ML100G-10
    • Intel N2930 Celeron processor
    • 2 HDMI, Gb LAN, USB
    • Terminal block power optional


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  4. Industrial Low Profile Braswell Fanless Computer
    Low Profile Fanless Industrial Computer with Braswell ML340G-10
    • Intel N3160 Celeron processor
    • 4 USB, Dual Gb LAN, HDMI, VGA
    • Optional 3 COM ports


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4 Products

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Industrial Fanless Computer


Fans are one of the most common failure points for industrial PCs, making fanless computers appealing to customers looking to ensure optimal reliability.

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