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Choose an embedded computer from OnLogic for Internet of Things (IoT) applications that require reliable, small form factor systems. Our embedded PCs are durable, powerful, customizable and easy to install. We offer options ranging from small fanless industrial, rugged, and panel PCs, to edge servers and rackmounts. Enhanced reliability, diverse form factors, and versatile mounting options allow installation of OnLogic embedded computers nearly anywhere.
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  1. ASRock IMB-190 Skylake Desktop Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard
    ASRock IMB-190 Skylake Desktop Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard IMB-190
    • Intel Skylake Processing
    • Up to 32 GB Memory
    • Triple independent display
    Special Order
  2. Commercial Intel Xeon GPU Capable Computer
    Commercial Intel 5th Gen Xeon Microserver MC850-51
    • Intel Xeon D1541 Processor
    • 2 GbE, 2 10GbE, 1 IPMI port
    • Up to 64GB of memory
  3. Factor 201 Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Gateway hero angle
    Factor 201 Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Gateway FR201
    • Raspberry Pi CM4 with up to 8 GB of memory
    • Dual LAN and options including Wi-Fi, 4G & PoE-PD
    • -20 to 60°C operating temperature


    In Stock
  4. CV-110C-M1001 Cincoze Capacitive Industrial Touchscreen Display
    Cincoze Capacitive or Resistive Industrial Touchscreen cv-100c-m1001
    • Available up to 24" with IP65 front bezel
    • Capacitive or Resistive touch enabled
    • Built in USB, Speakers, DisplayPort/DVI/VGA input


    In Stock
  5. ASRock IMB-154 Intel Braswell Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard
    ASRock IMB-154 Intel Braswell Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard IMB-154
    • Intel Celeron Braswell processing
    • 3 COM ports, 2 LAN ports
    • PCIe Mini-Card slot


    In Stock
  6. Mitac PD10BI Thin Mini-ITX replacement for Intel DN2800MT
    Mitac PD10BI Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard with Intel Bay Trail PD10BI
    • Quad-Core Bay Trail Celeron J1900 CPU
    • Available through 2019
    • 8~19 V DC input
  7. POC-120 Fanless Intel Bay Trail Computer
    Neousys Rugged Ultra Compact Fanless Bay Trail Computer POC-120
    • Intel E3826 Atom processor
    • 2 COM, Gb LAN
    • 8~35 V Input Voltage
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107 Products

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An Embedded Computer from OnLogic Withstands the Elements

Our embedded computers are specially designed to stand up to harsh conditions that a typical off-the-shelf computer could not endure. Our fanless industrial embedded options feature Hardshell™ fanless technology that are cooled without fans or vents in the chassis. This design removes the most vulnerable part of a typical off-the-shelf computer - the fan. Furthermore, it also keeps sensitive electronics protected from dust, dirt and even moisture.


Need even more durability?

Our rugged line can take extreme temperatures all the way down to -40°C and up to 70°C. That means they could survive monitoring a desert oil rig or mountain cell tower. Our rugged systems are shock and vibration resistant for installation in nearly any location.

We Have the Features you Need

  • Diverse Form Factors
    Diverse Form FactorsWhether you are looking for a small gateway device to mount on a DIN rail or an industrial rack mount solution, we have the form factor you need.
  • Processing Power Options
    Processing Power OptionsIf your application needs simple or high power processing, we’ve got you covered. We offer Intel Celeron all the way up to Xeon scalable processing or AMD Ryzen to EPYC options.
  • Diverse I/O
    Diverse I/OTo support your requirements for receiving and transmitting data, OnLogic embedded computers come with a multitude of I/O options. Have legacy equipment that needs COM ports? We’ve got that, as well as USB C, PoE and more.
  • Highly Reliable
    Highly ReliableWe design our embedded systems for demanding applications that run 24×7 in extreme environments. Because of our high reliability, we can offer you peace of mind and help save you the stress (and costs) of downtime.
  • Versatile Mounting
    Versatile MountingTo keep your embedded computer safe, cool, and out of the way, we offer many mounting options. This includes wall mounting, VESA mounting, DIN rail and rackmount.
  • Power Efficiency
    Power EfficiencyDesigned for power efficiency, our embedded computers offer options to handle variable power input, auto-on/off features and ignition sensing, to name just a few of our systems' capabilities.
An Embedded Computer from OnLogic Makes it Possible
  • Smart City
    Smart City

    Sensors and other devices placed on the edge enable smarter, more informed decisions. For example, smart cities are using cameras to detect the number of cars waiting at a given location. Consequently, traffic lights are adjusted in real-time using machine learning inferencing.

  • Smart Warehousing
    Smart Warehousing

    Embedded computers frequently power smart warehouse applications. Automation of warehouse processes from intake to order picking has increased productivity and lowered costs.

  • Smart Retail
    Smart Retail

    Sensors, machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI) work in concert to inform retail decisions, advertising and customer flow. As a result, consumers enjoy a more personalized and faster shopping experience.

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