As of today, all our customers will able to choose Microsoft XP Embedded as an available pre-installed operating system on select hardware.

The pre-installed XPe operating system will mimic Microsoft XP Professional. Some differences between XPe and XP Pro are the exclusion of the following features (generally found on standard XP Pro OS’s):

  • Windows File Protection
  • Windows XP Tour
  • Windows Setup
  • Online Activation
  • Windows updates
  • some of the device drivers

By eliminating some of these components, the OS should boot faster and have a smaller footprint.
For now, a customer’s choice of systems is limited to our Panel PCs (8” and 12” only) and the IBX-500A. The AFL-08A-LX, AFL-12A-LX, and IBX-500A all share the same integrated mainboard with an AMD Geode LX800 500MHz processor. However, we are hoping to make more images available to other platforms very soon.

There is also more good news! Logic Supply has started offering software development services. If you need a custom XP Embedded image, need to troubleshoot or update an existing one, or have any other questions or requests please contact us at:

More about development services and the development cycle available here: Development Services.