It’s Friday, and distractions abound and swarm like cluster flies in August. Usually these productivity impediments are merely time wasters or slight agitations. Oh ho, not this gem that came to me via my wonderful Mashable insta-cool-stuff feed. Combining chocolate with technology is a crowd-pleaser every time. Check out what these scientists from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in the UK are up to.

A few months ago, I had come across a similar concept while listening to NPR. They were discussing a 3D printer for food, being tested out at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan as part of a project with Cornell University. At first I thought, neat! and then was immediately grossed out by the idea of liquidy food paste being shoved through printer tubes and squirted out into edible shapes. I mean, I don’t eat hot dogs for this very reason. However, novel 3D chocolate shapes sound awesome, and tasty. Maybe soon I will be able to get a 3D Millennium Falcon in scrumptious chocolate, peanut butter, and nougat. How delectable!