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What is Machine Vision?

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The term Machine Vision has become ubiquitous – but just what is Machine Vision and how can businesses leverage this technology? 

A machine vision system is exactly what it sounds like – the eyes of a machine. It uses cameras, together with hardware and software algorithms, to automate visual tasks. 

The process starts with a sensor such as a camera that captures the digital input. Next, the input is analyzed and categorized by the software algorithm on a hardware platform. The results classify what it has “seen” or they influence an action. Businesses use these systems in a variety of ways to improve accuracy, throughput and quality. 

Examples of machine vision solutions

‘IKE Solutions, based in Hawaii, has created a solution used by the fishing industry and fisheries management agencies. The cameras and sensors safely collect data on fishing boats while they are at sea to monitor fishing activity. This solution and technology enables better and more affordable management of fisheries  As a matter of fact, the word ‘ike means “to see” in Hawaiian, and that is exactly what their solutions do. 

Set up showing a machine vision solution

Datacadabra, based in the Netherlands, uses machine vision for their intelligent mowing system for roadside management called the MowHawk. The solution accurately tracks the mower’s location and detects whether the mowed grass contains invasive plant species and/or litter. These insights facilitate disposal of the grass clippings to reduce processing costs and create a more sustainable environment.

two people standing by a machine vision camera mounted on a tractor

Artemis Vision, based in Colorado, uses this technology for their quality control inspection, dimensioning, and smart logistic solutions. Their inspection solutions help eliminate the need for manual monitoring and inspection. Their accurate vision solutions can help to reduce scrap rates and ensure customer satisfaction. 

QA inspection system using machine vision

Artemis Vision’s smart logistic solutions use machine vision to automatically scan and track barcodes on pallets as they pass through warehouse checkpoints like dock doors. This solution eliminates slow and error-prone manual scanning and facilitates a smooth supply chain. It ensures delivery of products to the right destination at the right time in good condition.  

a warehouse forklift driving past a machine vision station

Benefits of machine vision applications

A machine vision solution offers many benefits: 

  • Enhanced productivity for mundane visual tasks
  • Increased accuracy in complex visual tasks
  • Advanced capabilities to examine details too small to be seen by the human eye
  • Improved safety for employees as sensors can be placed in dangerous locations
  • Decreased production costs with ability to detect flaws early
  • Higher quality end product

OnLogic hardware to power machine vision

OnLogic systems are the ideal foundation for machine vision solutions. Our compact solutions can fit in the tightest manufacturing space or in the toughest environment. They can handle dirt, dust, vibration, extreme temperatures and your unique power requirements. In addition, we can deliver the processing power needed for the sophisticated algorithms and I/O for the industrial vision sensor. Check out all of our customer stories to see more solutions in action. Ready to learn more? Contact our technical sales team to help make your vision a reality. 

This blog was originally posted on August 19th, 2021. It was updated for content on June 21st, 2022.

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