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Benefits of Fanless Industrial Computer Workstations

By ·Categories: Depend OnLogic·Published On: January 7th, 2015·1.2 min read·

American Woodmark Corporation, one of the leading kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturers in the country, was struggling to keep their PCs on their manufacturing floor running reliably. As you can imagine, their plant floor was considerably dusty. Eventually the sawdust would make its way into their desktop computers and build up on the sensitive electronics. Since this can shorten the life of the computer or even cause a complete failure, IT resources would regularly shut the computers down and clean the motherboards with a vacuum. This downtime was having a real impact on production.

They turned to OnLogic for fanless and ventless industrial computer workstations to help them reduce downtime, increase system longevity and alleviate the drain on IT resources.

After implementing OnLogic’s fanless PCs for their manufacturing workstations, American Woodmark no longer has to struggle with clogged fans and shorted motherboards. Now their IT team is free to focus on optimizing operations without worrying about the reliability of their computer workstation hardware.

In this video, Josh Keiter, Group Leader for PC Support at American Woodmark, details the struggles his team faced and the experience of working with OnLogic to overcome them. Looking to overcome your own struggles with your industrial computer workstations? Check out the video below and then reach out to our technical sales team to help you get started.

Note, this video was created prior to our name change from Logic Supply to OnLogic.


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