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Un-boxing with the Nuvo-1300AF

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Working at Logic Supply without having a strong technical background can be challenging. As a visual learner, I prefer to figure out what makes the technology we work with unique by seeing how it is applied in the real world. It helps to get hands on with the product to really understand what it can do. That being said, I will walk you through the un-boxing of the Nuvo-1300AF, the newest addition to our Ruggedized Systems.

Nuvo-1300AF Rugged System

Nuvo-1300AF System

Here I present the Nuvo-1300AF, featuring ruggedized heat sink fins on the top of the case for cooling. There’s actually no heat pipe for this fanless system. The top of the case is a massive heat sink that the processor makes direct contact with. It has a wide operating temperature range of -25°C ~ 70°C (-13°F ~ 158°F). It supports first generation Intel Core i5/i7 mobile processors with integrated Intel HD graphics. The enclosure is a gun-metal grey with a hint of green. Its predecessors, Nuvo-1300B-S and Nuvo-1500B-S come in burgundy red. These are the most colorful systems in our current product line!

Nuvo-1300AF Ruggedized

Front Panel

The front panel I/O comes packed with 2 audio jacks (line-out/mic-in), 1 PS2 mouse port, 1 PS2 keyboard port, 8 USB 2.0 ports, CompactFlash slot, VGA and DVI-D display ports, 1 LAN port, eSATA port, Power button, and Reset button. The VGA and DVI-D display ports are fastenable, which allows for cabling to be connected securely without the risk of the display port shaking loose.

Nuvo-1300AF Back Panel

Back Panel

The back panel is where it gets interesting: 3 RS-232 COM ports, 1 RS-232/422/485 COM port, 4 Power over Ethernet (PoE) Ports and 2 4-pin power connectors. The COM ports allow for the same functionality as I mentioned above with the display ports that allow securely fastened ports for legacy industrial systems.

The PoE ports are a new feature in our product line that allow up to 15.4 W of power to be distributed through the data connection of an Ethernet port. This is ideal for applications that need to minimize cable management or the need for additional power sources by being able to power and transfer data through a single network connection. An example would be for an IP camera in a surveillance application.

Removable Hard Drive

Bottom, With Removable HDD Door

On the bottom of the system is a “trap door” secured by one Phillips-head screw, which makes it easy to install memory and Hard Drives/Solid State Drives.


Now onto the accessories kit. It includes an AC Adapter and rubber “feet” to prevent the system from moving or scratching from surface areas. The mounting brackets allow the system to be mounted either horizontally or vertically on a wall or other surface.

The wide temperature range and flexible I/O allows this system to be mounted in a rugged environment that would be prone to vibration and high heat. The PoE ports reduce the cabling needed to power an external device by running power over an Ethernet port. And with a high performance Core i-series processor in a compact enclosure, the Nuvo-1300AF is a top of the line system with a complex design for simple integration.

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