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Ubuntu Certified Hardware: What It Is And Why It Matters

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Ubuntu Certified Hardware are devices that meet the following criteria:

  • They’ve been extensively tested and reviewed by Canonical (the organizing body behind Ubuntu)
  • They have official Ubuntu software images that are fully compatible with the system on which they’re installed
  • They’re tested by Canonical prior to the release of any new updates to validate functionality and ensure continued reliable operation
  • They can be trusted to work reliably both now and in the future 

Why use Ubuntu Certified Hardware?

Ubuntu is one of the most popular open source operating systems in the world. The Linux community is passionate and incredibly well versed in every aspect of the OS. While Linux Ubuntu is free for anyone to download and install, for commercial users, there are a number of benefits to utilizing certified hardware that will help ensure it runs as expected and is ready to support your organization’s needs.

Fully-verified devices

Canonical’s certification test suite ensures compatibility between certified hardware and the Ubuntu operating system. To earn the Ubuntu Certified distinction, hardware platforms must pass a full battery of tests. From there, regular regression testing is done to verify that subsequent updates work well on each certified device.

Up to 10 years of security updates

For long term support (LTS) releases of Ubuntu, Canonical provides up to 10 years of security updates. For unattended installations, these updates can be applied to your system automatically.

Accelerated time-to-market

As with any software installation, non-certified hardware runs the risk of not working as intended and may require extra enablement engineering. Canonical guarantees that hardware certified through their program will integrate smoothly with Ubuntu so you can focus on developing your solution.

Canonical’s certification program offers you the peace of mind that all of your IoT (Internet of Things) devices will remain secure, regularly updated, and fully supported. Learn more from Canonical about why you should consider certified hardware.

OnLogic Ubuntu Certified Hardware

By partnering with Canonical, we’re able to provide you with a hardware and software system complete with security and operational updates for the entire system lifecycle. Our Ubuntu Certified Hardware helps to eliminate compatibility concerns and provides you with direct support through Canonical until the OS release reaches its end-of-life date. The extensive upfront and continual regression testing through the Ubuntu Certified Hardware program means our systems work well with Ubuntu from day 1 and will continue to work for you throughout project deployment.

To start with, OnLogic will be certifying our Helix 300 and Karbon 800 Series of products. All future OnLogic-developed systems will also be certified and listed on the Ubuntu Certified Hardware site.

To learn more or for questions about Ubuntu Certified systems, reach out to our team.

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