Although compatibility is nothing new to those who follow things closely, we have now approved the Intel D945GCLF (Little Falls) mainboard for use with Ubuntu.

The board did not originally work with Ubuntu 8.04, and as a lot of people found out, the problem was with a bug in the driver for the NIC it used.  Apparently, this was bad enough to cause it to not really work at all.
You could disable the NIC in the BIOS, which would force you to run a separate network card, which in a lot of cases (catch the dual meaning, there) does not really work out for us.

However, Canonical released an update to Hardy Heron, 8.04.1, which includes a number of updates over the original release. Installing onto the Little Falls board with this release is a much different story, everything works out of the box with no special actions required. I was pretty pleased with how well things worked, everything feels pretty snappy even with the graphics settings turned up.

As a side note, we have been working with 8.04.1 for the base of our installs, for a better overall out of the box experience. We are also looking ahead to the next release, 8.10, due out sometime next month.

Edit: The successor to this board, the D945GCLF2 (same board with an Atom 330 packing dual-core action) also passed testing.  Both cores are recognized and utilized, and that’s the only big change.