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3 Reasons you Need Wireless Communication for Edge Computers

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Wireless communication for Edge Computers is becoming an increasing demand for Industry 4.0 with the constant need to be connected at the edge. With rugged hardware being deployed in ever more remote locations, having a wireless 4G solution can deliver many benefits. We’ve outlined the top 3 reasons why you need it here. 

Why isn’t cellular connectivity incorporated into your applications? 

With the importance of uptime and minimal downtime, wireless communication for Edge Computers is becoming increasingly important for many different use cases. Remote deployments are the largest user of 4G cellular because of the ability to wirelessly transmit key data over large distances. The ability to maintain business internal security with a barrier between internal and external networks is another key reason. Finally, wireless connectivity also offers peace of mind to enable a backup in case your hardwired network goes down in your plant.

Why you Need Wireless Communication for Edge Computers – Top 3 Reasons

1 – Manage Remote Deployments in Remote Locations

Remote Oil Field Monitoring

You monitor a remote oil field in the middle of the Gobi Desert and all of a sudden your systems go down. What do you do? The normal procedure is to send a technician to investigate, a potential huge expense in terms of time and resources for what could turn out to be a minor issue. With 4G wireless communication for edge computers, this can alleviate the need to immediately rush a technician out to remote sites. With 4G wireless communication from the edge, the technician can troubleshoot the issues from afar and save time, money, and resources without leaving the comfort of the air-conditioned office.

2 – Security Access for your Sensitive Network Data

Wireless communication for edge computers in security applications protecting sensitive internal networks is the silent unsung hero of edge computing. For example, say you manage sensitive data at a secure site that runs on an isolated network not connected to the internet for security. 4G connectivity can transmit that encrypted data securely from your isolated network to its destination without compromising the integrity of your network and protecting your data from outside bad actors. With the constant threat and news of data breaches occurring more frequently, having that disconnected network working in tandem with your sensitive internal network protects your data from outside attacks by limiting access, and controlling the flow of data in and out. It silently works in the background protecting your business from unseen and unknown threats.

3 – Wireless Network Backup (When Wired doesn’t Work)

So you have a wired network connecting all your CNC (computer numerical control) machines on your plant floor and everything is running smoothly until the internet goes out. We’ve all been there. At home, you just pull out your phone to access the internet until it kicks back on. Downtime is down in dollars by the minute for businesses. Wireless communication for edge computers can come to the rescue! If your internet gets cut, or there is a local ISP issue, having that additional 4G network backup can keep your line running and transferring data as needed to maintain your run rates. When the hardwired network just won’t cut it, wireless communications can be your backup.

All in all, wireless communication for edge computers is an important aspect of networks that should be considered when investigating future roadblocks that may have to be overcome. Issues with your equipment in a remote location? 4G has you covered by remote access to your equipment before you purchase that flight for your technician to go investigate. An additional backup when there are hardwire issues when you can continue running your manufacturing lines while waiting for your ISP or IT to fix the issue. Lastly as a sense of security for your sensitive data by having an initial network to connect through and controlling the number of ingress points you allow. With all the benefits of wireless communication for Edge Computers and their limitless uses in the industrial world, why isn’t cellular connectivity incorporated into your applications yet today?

We’ve written up some tips on how to choose the best wireless hardware and if you want to learn even more, contact our technical team today!

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