We’re down to the final week in our World’s Dirtiest PC Contest. We’ve had an incredible variety of entries over the last month or so, from mildly dusty laptops, to truly horrific industrial systems caked in all manner of nastiness, and we want to thank everyone who has submitted an image so far. Next week the picture with the most votes will win one of our new CL100 Fanless Mini PCs, so make sure to visit the #GoFanless Gallery every day to vote for your favorites.

This week’s Prize Pack winner comes to us from Alberta Canada. Dan, an IT Analyst with Alberta Health Services, submitted this image of an HP 7900 that he recently replaced from an office. The system was being used in the Hemodialysis unit at a hospital to track patient visits and treatment information before it failed.

Dan, who has worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years, told us, “Having seen as many dirty computers (and cleaned hundreds over the years) as I have seen, I can definitely see the benefit in having a fanless PC.”

We’ve heard a similar message from many of our clients in the medical industry who value fanless systems for their ability to keep contaminants to a minimum, operate silently and reduce maintenance costs. You can read our client profile featuring Jaco Inc., a company that manufactures medical carts to track patient information, by clicking here.

Congratulations on your win Dan, your prize pack is on its way!

Our Grand Prize Winner will be announced on August 10th. Stop by the #GoFanless Gallery to vote for your favorite entry.

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