Another week, another slew of filthy PC pictures submitted to our World’s Dirtiest PC Contest. This week’s winning image comes from Neil Bradley,  a Mechanical Engineer at Alpine, a division of Illinois Tool Works, who sent us this picture of a Dell OptiPlex 775 that’s used on their plant floor to access production information and handle other day-to-day tasks. Here’s what else Neil had to say about the system.

“This computer started life in 2008 with Windows XP. Over the years, its memory has been increased, the operating system has been upgraded to Windows 7, but it doesn’t look like it has ever been cleaned. It has been operating in a hot & mildly dusty environment for all of its life. In this type of environment, internal fans contribute to the dust issue (as shown in the photo).”

Neil makes a great point about multiple internal fans. It’s easy to take for granted the number of fans that can be constantly running inside your computer, cycling air and drawing in contaminants. In addition to the processor cooling fan, the power supply and graphics card may use fans of their own, all of which are subject to failure at any time. Fanless computing solutions don’t just eliminate dust, chemicals and other contaminants from entering your computer, they also reduce downtime, save power and operate completely silently.

We also asked Neil if he had any experience working with fanless computers.

“I do have a little experience with fanless computers – on the personal side I’ve used them in HTPC applications, and I have a Raspberry Pi that I play around with for various things.  On a professional level, I have almost completed a project to select a new industrial computer for the equipment we build, and (the reason I found out about this contest) we ended up selecting a computer from Logic Supply (actually, a Cincoze DS-1001) to move forward and beta test with a few of our customers.  Personally, I love fanless computers – they are super quiet, smaller in footprint, and last a lot longer than actively cooled computers, in my opinion.”

We couldn’t agree more Neil! Congratulations, your prize pack will be headed your way soon.

There are only TWO MORE WEEKS left to submit your own dirty PC image for a chance to win a CL100 Fanless Mini PC. Don’t miss your chance, head over to the #GoFanless Gallery and upload your photo today!

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