The Week 3 winner of our World’s Dirtiest PC contest submitted a photo that will be all too familiar to many computer users. This sad, dust-coated tower looks as though it might have been present during a volcanic eruption but this is the reality of fanned systems; if there’s dust in the air, your fanned PC will suck it in, components will get completely coated and it’s just a matter of time before they overheat, their performance degrades, or they fail.

Submitter Rick Snyder told us that the combination of a challenging environment and an area that, for a time, permitted smoking, caused the unfortunate state of this CAM/CAD machine. Rick, a member of the IT team at a major cabinet manufacturer, says that while this system looks bad, it’s actually one of the cleaner systems he’s seen at the facility.

“This computer is used in our maintenance shop. Our computers in the plant are no strangers to sawdust build up,” Rick told us in an email. “I cleaned out a computer about 2 months ago that had so much dust in it that there was about 2-3 inches on the bottom of the case. The dust on the video card was piled high enough that it was touching the CPU heatsink.”

Congratulations Rick! We’re sorry that you have to constantly clean out fanned PCs, but enjoy your prize pack and maybe your photo will win you a brand new CL100.

Week 3 marks the halfway point of our World’s Dirtiest PC contest, and we’ve seen some amazing, and disgusting, entries so far. There’s still plenty of time left to submit your photo for a chance to win one of our weekly prize packs, and it’s not too late to start earning votes for a chance to win a CL100 Fanless Mini PC. Visit the #GoFanless gallery now to submit your photo or vote for your favorite!

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