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The Download: Logic Supply’s Website Gets an Upgrade

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I am Dave Lovegrove, and I manage the design of the website, online customer experience and brand identity for Logic Supply. In September last year, I started work on redesigning Logic Supply’s online presence to strengthen our brand identity and improve the online customer experience. Going into the project I knew that this was going to be a challenge, but one that would have an exciting outcome. A year and a bit on, I am pleased to present you with the new online face of Logic Supply.

Logic Supply will soon be launching a new site with an updated look, improved product pages and a streamlined checkout process. Rather unusually for an embedded computer hardware company, Logic Supply started online. Over the last 10 years we have expanded our offering by developing our own product line and providing hardware engineering services. Even with our expansion of services we have stayed true to our roots, by maintaining a strong eCommerce presence serving a wide range of customers. During the past year we have been working hard on developing this online presence and wanted to provide you with a sneak peek of the site before it launches.

New Features + Improved Functionality

Before embarking on the redesign we reviewed customers’ feedback to take into consideration suggestions and feature requests. This helped us to understand the online needs of our customers and develop a site that caters directly to them.

Below is an overview of the major new features and improved functionality.

New Logic Supply Website Home Page

New Logic Supply Website Home Page

1) Improved Product Pages

A main focus for the new site was on developing product pages that communicate the complex nature of our products in a digestible way. While functional, the old product pages were not visually stimulating, and they lacked large product shots as well as clear, concise overviews of each product. To solve these issues we have created a visually appealing layout that easily communicates the key features of every product.

New Logic Supply Product Page

New Logic Supply Product Page

2) Compare Internal Components When Configuring a Computer

A core strength of Logic Supply is the ability to quickly create a custom computer from a list of off-the-shelf components. The old site had this functionality, but trying to compare the various options for internal components on a system page was challenging. We wanted to solve this issue by allowing the user to see key features and specs of sub-components as she configures her own personalized computer in the system configuration section. This allows users to make educated selections without having to look up each sub-component separately. In testing, this has proven to streamline the system configuration step, reducing the time it takes to configure the perfect computer.

New Logic Supply System Configuration

Improved System Configuration Options

3) Product Compare Functionality

Any savvy shopper will compare similar products before selecting one to purchase. Our new site provides users with a line by line comparison tool, allowing them to add multiple products and review each product spec for spec before adding the best choice to their cart.

New Product Comparison Feature

New Product Comparison Feature

4) Improved Navigation

We know how important a good navigation is, and developing a menu that was easy to use was a strong focus in our new site design. We spent a lot of time thinking about all the possible ways our users could shop, so as to develop an intuitive site architecture with a clean navigation. The new site has clear paths to shop for computers as well as a ‘bottom-up’ components list enabling users to jump straight to a specific category.

Improved Navigation

Improved Site Navigation

5) Improved Cart and Streamlined Checkout

The new Logic Supply cart will have a cleaner structure allowing customers to review items, edit systems and calculate the estimated shipping cost more easily than before. From the cart the user will reach an improved one-page checkout that reduces the burden and time it takes to place an order.

Streamlined Checkout

Streamlined Checkout

6) Reorder Functionality

A number of our customers place repeat orders through the website on a recurring basis. We have now created a “Reorder” function that can be accessed by logging into the user account. This significantly reduces the time it will take for a customer to place repeat orders.

Reorder Functionality

New Reorder Feature

In conclusion, we believe that our new site is tailored to our users’ needs, allowing them to shop more efficiently. Over the coming months we will be analyzing the site, getting insight into how we can improve the user experience, and rolling out new features. We believe that you will enjoy using our new site and we welcome any feedback that you may have. If you would like to submit suggestions for future features that will enable us to optimize our site, please complete the form below. We will take every idea and suggestion into consideration.


About the Author: Dave Lovegrove

Dave Lovegrove manages the website design, online customer experience and brand identity for Logic Supply. Dave has a background in Product Design Engineering and is the go to person for outbound visual content as well as user interface and experience design. Outside of Logic Supply Dave works on product design projects and has a passion for outdoor sports.
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