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The CC150 Internet of Things Gateway: A Q&A With Candi Controls

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In essence, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is about enabling devices and systems to effectively communicate and transmit data. One of the biggest challenges to the proliferation of IIoT is the sheer number of differing standards and the number of devices that need to speak the same language.

We’ve talked about the role that computer hardware plays in IoT before, but we recently had the opportunity to speak with Peter Radsliff, VP of Marketing & Product Management at Candi Controls, Inc. (www.candicontrols.com), a leading provider of software enabling effective Machine to Machine (M2M) communication in a wide range of applications. We asked Peter about the recently announced CC150 IoT Gateway, featuring the Candi IoT Server® platform and how it fits into the evolving Industrial Internet of Things.

[OnLogic] What is the Candi Controls IoT Server?

Candi Controls Peter Radsliff[Peter Radsliff] The Candi Controls IoT Server® stack, which comes standard on the Logic Supply CC150, is embedded software that enables remote monitoring, control, configuration, updating and data acquisition from IoT devices regardless of manufacturer, data format or communications protocol. The IoT Server works in conjunction with the Candi Network Operations Cloud to enable automation, data reporting & alerts, network operations management and systems administration. The IoT Server running on the CC150 even allows local control and autonomous operation without a persistent Internet connection, making it a powerful choice for IoT-class facility and energy management systems.

Where is the CC150 currently being deployed?

Since the CC150 is a fanless, industrial-class gateway, it’s perfect for harsh environments where temperature swings and airborne particulate would bring a lesser machine to its knees. The CC150 is currently being used in environments as varied as commercial buildings, colleges, industrial manufacturing plants, water treatment facilities and even a large racetrack complex. Facilities managers and systems integrators appreciate the bulletproof nature of the CC150 design and the fact that they can depend on OnLogic hardware no matter what the environment.

How do you see the CC150 IoT Gateway fitting into the evolving Industrial Internet of Things?

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Click above to read our full Candi Controls case study.

There is a huge amount of interest and activity in the ‘Internet of Things.’ A lot of it focuses on how consumers’ lives will be transformed when their devices are all interconnected. But while electronic door locks and connected appliances are getting a lot of press, a quiet revolution is happening in commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Internet of Things-class products with monitoring, control and data acquisition software are now making it possible to spin up energy management systems (EMS) much more quickly and for a fraction of the cost of traditional EMS. Historically, EMS has been deployed only in large buildings due to high equipment cost, complexity, and the specialized expertise required to program and maintain them. But now facilities engineers and systems integrators are integrating IoT-class sensors and controls into locations previously thought to be low-ROI for EMS.

What advantages do devices like the CC150 offer to integrators and system builders?

With the data these systems generate, resulting analytics, and web-driven automation, engineers and managers can measure and act on more granular data at a greater number of endpoints, reducing building operational costs with greater precision and higher ROI. OnLogic’s CC150 is purpose-built to operate in tough EMS environments, and offers the right balance of ruggedness & performance versus cost to allow it to be specified in demanding IoT-class EMS installations.

For more information about Candi Controls visit their website. To read our full case study about working with Candi Controls to create the CC150, click here.


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