The CL100 is a bit of a crossover device for us. In its design, the CL100 was inspired by our industrial PC customers who need hardware systems able to withstand challenging environments while remaining highly reliable, easy to install and versatile in their connectivity. At the same time, the CL100 Fanless Mini PC provides a very stable platform for consumers looking for a completely silent, dependable computer for home, office or even HTPC use. The system is also a departure for Logic Supply from a technical standpoint. Our first cast aluminum enclosure, the CL100 gave us the opportunity to incorporate unique features (like the power button that’s accessible from both the top and side of the device).

Jay Mattison from Tek Everything and recently had a chance to spend some time with our new small form factor system and posted this CL100 review.  Watch the video below to hear what Jay thought of the CL100’s packaging, construction, performance and overall value based on his testing.

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