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Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 end of life has come. What now?

The much anticipated End-of-Support (also known as End-Of-Life) of Windows 7 has come. On the 14th of January 2020, Microsoft officially ceased support of Windows 7 and Windows 7 for Embedded Systems. Ever since Microsoft announced the impending end of sales for Windows 7, we’ve covered a wide variety of topics concerning the predicted, but […]

diagram of fanless pc cooling process

Keeping Your (PC) Cool – An Introduction to Fanless PC Cooling

Since when does cooling something down mean heating it up? Since physics, for starters. But also where passively cooled fanless computers are concerned. To understand how fanless PCs cool, you first need to understand how the beer in your fridge is kept cold. (Go ahead and grab one, we’ll wait.) That perfectly-chilled craft IPA got […]

TPM vs PTT Hardware Security

Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT): TPM For The Masses

In the last few years, Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) has truly arrived. For years, the last word in securing personal computers, industrial PCs and servers has been the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) specification. TPM established a set of standards and interfaces that enable system makers to bake their digital bona fides into system hardware. […]

How We Stop the 5 Biggest Threats to Computer Hardware

Industrial and embedded computers today have it rough. We stick them in harsh environments where they’re subjected to constant electronic noise, radiation, and power fluctuations, but how much do we pay attention to how those environmental factors affect our systems? Compounding the issue are immunity and emission ratings that don’t always cover the areas where […]

Logic Supply UEFI Advanced Main Screen

UEFI: Building a Better BIOS

Before the release of UEFI in 2007, the basic input/output system (BIOS) has been the main fixture in personal computers since the 1970s. Packed into silicon on the PC motherboard, the BIOS detects and initializes devices at startup and accesses the master boot record (MBR) on the hard drive to start the boot process. The […]

Lensec 4G Remote Surveillance

Be an Extrovert IoT Contest Winner: LENSEC Remote Surveillance

Our Be an Extrovert Contest set out to find innovators creating groundbreaking solutions using 4G LTE technology. We’ve selected 5 winning entries to receive free Extrovert 4G LTE-equipped Logic Supply Hardware. Here’s one of their stories. We recently spoke with Almen Didelija, Senior Applications Engineer and physical security specialist at LENSEC. Almen shared details about […]

Intel Replacing Tic Tock Model

Tick-Tock-Toe: Navigating Intel’s Processor Cadence

Intel constantly rolls out new processors to slide into its Core i3/i5/i7 branding scheme. From beefed up integrated graphics, to improved power consumption, CPUs with code names like Skylake, Kaby Lake, and Coffee Lake are raising the bar. But now, Intel’s changing approach to processor releases poses a challenge to hardware users who must make informed […]

Activating a 4G LTE SIM Card

Activating Your 4G LTE SIM Card

SIM cards have become a ubiquitous piece of technology in a world increasingly filled with mobile devices. These Subscriber Identity Modules serve as the middleman between mobile devices and cellular towers, allowing them to communicate. Carriers use SIM cards to identify which devices are active on their network and tie those devices to their subscribed […]

4G LTE Hardware Options

Navigating the LTE Hardware Landscape: Your 4G Options

With more devices joining the internet of things, about 5.5 million every day to be precise, it’s important for machine builders and IoT innovators to determine the most effective and efficient way to connect systems to each other and to the cloud. Whether you’re looking to provide versatile connectivity, failover protection, mobile data handling or […]