Our friends at Inductive Automation were kind enough to invite us to be guests on their popular Inductive Conversations Podcast. The show was created to allow operators, engineers, integrators, managers and CEOs to share manufacturing pain points, creative ideas, inspiring success stories and “light bulb moments”.

The two interviews in the episode, one featuring Account Specialist Cormac Walsh, and the other speaking with Partnership Manager Johnny Chen, touch on a wide range of topics, including edge computing, hardware development, the state of Industrial IoT, and partnering with Inductive Automation to create industrial solutions.

Listen to the OnLogic episode of Inductive conversations wherever you get your podcasts, or stream it online here.

Machine learning and A.I. are really exciting markets for us… we’re targeting that market as an area of growth. So I’m hoping our companies can come together to deliver a product that can do some incredible stuff at the edge.

Cormac Walsh

Ignition enables us to be out-of-the-box and ready to face the problem. Our products now are not just products, they are solutions. We don’t have to worry about hardware and software compatibility.

Johnny Chen
Ignition Hardware from OnLogic