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Logic Supply Customer, StreamOn, Wins “Cool Stuff” Award!

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We received some good news today! One of our customers—StreamOn—was the recipient of the radio broadcast industry’s most prestigious technological honor: the Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award. The award was given by a panel of expert engineering judges at the 2013 National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas.

What’s the “cool stuff,” you ask?

The StreamOn Appliance. It was built “by broadcasters for broadcasters,” and was designed to be a streaming audio solution for the broadcasting industry. The appliance enables radio stations and broadcasters worldwide to stream content and reach audiences both locally and across the globe. According to their website, “There is no other product in the world that allows you to stream as efficiently and reach your audiences effectively.”

StreamOn has been offering their streaming audio solutions to the industry since 2006. About a year ago, though, StreamOn approached Logic Supply with a problem: The hardware they were using went EOL (End of Life). In addition to that, they needed to upgrade to a more specialized embedded computer system while keeping costs low.

Logic Supply was able to offer StreamOn a full solution that met their business and technical needs. Our in-house engineering team leveraged our existing ML250 platform to keep costs low, and worked with StreamOn to create a customized solution with a built-in front-panel LCD display. Through our Case Branding and Labeling Service, we were also able to offer silk-screened case branding with high-impact branded packaging. The result was a StreamOn version of the ML251—a unit 30% smaller and more thermally efficient with a longer service life than their previous one.

Needless to say, we wholeheartedly congratulate StreamOn on both their recent and ongoing success. This news really did brighten our day.

(To read the full story of how StreamOn used Logic Supply’s engineering and branding expertise, click here.)


About the Author: Keenan Walsh

I graduated from Bennington College in June 2011 with a degree in English Literature, and I hopped around the globe for a year before making my way to Burlington. A long-time tinkerer and lover of gadgets, I found Logic Supply in March 2013 and joined the Marketing team shortly thereafter.
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