SPCR Reviews our SolidLogic GS-L10

SPCR Reviews our SolidLogic GS-L10

SPCR Reviews our SolidLogic GS-L10

A few months ago, we sent over our SolidLogic Core 2 Duo Montevina GS-L10 Fanless Mini-ITX System to Mike at silentpcreview. The results of his review can be found here. The article is honest and insightful and conducts a fair comparison of comparable fanless (or performance-based) systems available within the market. Please visit SPCR and check out the review!

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  1. Alan
    October 17, 2010

    Any chance of a version of this with an Arrandale CPU in the future? Looking around for Socket G mini-ITX mobos, it seems like they’re announced but not really available. Is there just no demand?

  2. Kristina Bond
    October 19, 2010

    Hi Alan,
    We certainly hope to see an option using the new Arrandale. Jetway should be launching an Arrandale-based mainboard any day now. Those are great boards to build fanless systems around. We are expecting to see production models later this quarter. We’ll keep you updated.


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