Our ML100G-10 recently spent some time in the Silent PC Review testing lab being put through its paces for everything from processor performance to wireless speeds. While both Anandtech and Ars Technica had plenty of good things to say about the Broadwell variant in our ML100 Series (the ML100G-30), Silent PC Review are the first to weigh in on our new dual NIC NUC, which also serves as the platform for our new ThinManager® Ready TM100. The team at SPCR came away impressed with the ML100G-10’s thermal performance and extremely efficient power usage, providing comparisons of how the system stacks up against similar hardware they’ve tested. Read the full review here.

“With such an extensive heat dissipation area outside the case, CPU cooling is a complete non-issue. Even when stressed far beyond the limit of normal operation using Prime95 and FurMark, the average core temperature stabilizes at 45°C at room temperature, so the processor runs at optimal speed with no risk of throttling.”

“It’s particularly suited to harsh environments given its heavy duty construction and lack of moving parts and vents. It could easily operate in dirty and dusty locales or even in a vehicle traversing rough terrain.”