Mike Chin at Silent PC Review spent some time with our ML400G-50 industrial computer and came away with a very positive impression.

“The Logic Supply ML400G-50 fulfills its promise of silent, competent computing in a small minimalist package with a modest eco-footprint.”

“Everything about the package suggests the ML400G-50 is well suited for the role, its external casing exuding a confident air of long, robust productivity.”

“The performance exceeds that of any of the Intel NUCs and just about every mini-computer we’ve reviewed till now.”

“Certainly, as a general purpose corporate desktop PC, the ML400G-50 would be more than up to the task, and the complete elimination of any noise producing parts within would be a boon for most users.”

“All in all, Logic Supply has created a strong series of products in its ML400 line, and in this day of gargantuan corporate domination, we applaud the efforts of this independent system integrator.”