We’ve been busy! And when we say busy, we mean double-espresso-shots busy.

What’s got us so excited? Well, we’ve been working hard on a new educational game for the ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center. Though the concept originated at Seven Days–and they’re the ones who acquired the vintage arcade game shell–the game itself was developed by Birnam Wood Games. Runoff operates on an open-source Linux operating system that RapidRollout generously provided.

In an effort to raise awareness about ways to reduce stormwater runoff to protect Lake Champlain, Runoff familiarizes players with rain barrels and the impacts of stormwater runoff. Players use a rain barrel to catch raindrops before the droplets enter city storm drains, avoiding falling cats, which will clog the barrel. When the barrel is full, players empty the rain into the grass.

We were excited to take on this project as it is the geeky kind of tinkering work we adore, and it serves an important cause within the community.

Vintage Arcade Game, Before and After

We donated an Intel NUC-based AG960 to run the application, and re-vamped this awesomely old-school arcade enclosure. The Runoff video game was released on Wednesday at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, on the top floor outside of the Lake Champlain Basin Program Resource Room. It is featured in the ECHO Center all summer, so stop by and check it out, or play it here. A free app for Apple devices will be available soon for download on iTunes.