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Alright, Internet: How’s This For a Hit?

By ·Categories: Technology·Published On: May 14th, 2013·1.7 min read·

At Logic Supply, we take pride in designing and providing rugged, durable systems and enclosures. But ruggedness is not a thing to be talked about: It’s a thing to be demonstrated — and sometimes pushed to the limit. In light of that, a few months ago we sought to create a video that showcased our systems’ toughness.

The idea was simple: We’d hit the computer with a baseball bat. It didn’t need to be a hard hit, because most computers aren’t often hit with baseball bats. We posted that video about six months ago, and thought it was a success. Apparently, though, the internet world wasn’t convinced. No matter: We’re nothing if not up for a challenge.

This past weekend, the video garnered quite a bit of attention. One person wrote, “I really don’t care if my PC can take a hit from a baseball bat. I don’t see any situation where it’s going to need to be that durable.” Okay, fair enough: We were under no impression that our customers would be practicing their swing on our systems. But the point was more that if it could take a hit from a baseball bat, it would be able to withstand typical shock and vibration.

But most people seemed to get that; they just didn’t think the swing was hard enough. “Don’t put the glasses on if you’re not even gonna take a real swing at it,” said one user.

But then came the real challenge: “Dude, my grandmom can swing a bat stronger than you did in this video. How about a real test?”

Fair enough. You want a real hit? Here’s a real hit. Let us know what you think.

P.S. We’re going to go ahead and assume some people still won’t be satisfied. Quite alright: That’s our type of person–the scientist, the skeptic, the limit-pusher. We know you’re out there. So let it be known: Even tougher tests are on the way. A truck? No problem. Fire? A fall? Stay tuned…


About the Author: Keenan Walsh

I graduated from Bennington College in June 2011 with a degree in English Literature, and I hopped around the globe for a year before making my way to Burlington. A long-time tinkerer and lover of gadgets, I found Logic Supply in March 2013 and joined the Marketing team shortly thereafter.
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