Panel PCs have become the go-to solution for many manufacturers and commercial hardware users looking for an all-in-one computing platform. However, most panel PCs on the market suffer from a slew of implementation challenges. Many panels aren’t intended for use in dusty, damp or otherwise challenging environments, others are difficult to maintain or upgrade due to their one-piece display and processing unit. The Crystal Series from Cincoze solves these problems.

The team over at Rugged PC Review recently spent some time with the 15” Cincoze Crystal Panel PC and came away very impressed with the overall design, implementation and usability of these innovative panels. The review raises a question we’ve heard asked time and time again by our clients, and one that this new line HMI hardware from Cincoze answers.

“Why not split the Panel PC into display modules and computing modules that can then easily be combined to form exactly the right display with exactly the right amount of computing power, but without having to design and stock all the possible permutations?

That’s exactly what Logic Supply offers with the Cincoze Industrial Convertible Display System.”

“The modular system is expertly conceived and executed, and assembling or re-configuring components couldn’t be simpler.”