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Rugged Computers for Tough Environments

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Today’s complex technology projects are not just happening in pristine, temperature-controlled computer rooms. The environments of these projects can be pretty harsh and they call for more than just the best performance and price point. Rugged Computers are designed for these tough environments. Continue reading to learn more about rugged computers and how OnLogic is making it possible in challenging environments worldwide.

You Need a Rugged Computer for a Tough Environmentpicture showing the harsh environment of a factory

Do you have an upcoming project requiring a computer at a remote oil field? Maybe in a police cruiser? How about in an electrical box on the side of a highway or inside a harsh factory? Rugged industrial PC’s are what you should investigate for your tough environment. The benefits of choosing a rugged computer include a wide ambient temperature range, solid state cooling, shock & vibration resistance, and wide power input. By the end of this blog, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge you’ll need to know if your application could benefit from a rugged computer.

Tough Environmental Factor: Wide Temperature Swings

picture showing temperature testing of an OnLogic fanless computerA trademark feature of rugged computers is their wide operating temperature range. This may be the most important feature of a rugged computer. Most industrial computers have a 0 to 50 C operating temperature. In contrast, rugged computers typically have at least a -25 to 70 C operating temperature range making them ideal for environments where temperature control is not an option. What does this mean for your application? Well, by selecting the appropriate temperature rated computer, you’ll ensure your computer will operate to its fullest potential in your tough environment.

Tough Environmental Factor: Dirt

Solid state ventless cooling goes hand in hand with a wide operating temperature range. When I think of a challenging environment, the first image that comes to mind is of a dirty location with a computer collecting dust daily. Rugged computers are typically fanless and ventless which prevents foreign particles from infiltrating the computer and wreaking havoc. Furthermore, having a solid state drive and no moving parts in your computer increases the reliability of the computer. Fanless cooling ensures that your challenging environment is no challenge at all for your rugged computer.

Tough Environmental Factor: Shock and Vibration

picture showing a mounted Karbon rugged computer

In-vehicle use cases often require shock & vibration resistance. That’s where rugged computers can once again thrive as they are typically certified for industry standard safety marks. For example, the OnLogic K700-SE comes certified to meet MIL-STD-810G, UNECE Reg. 10 E-Mark, and EN50155. Certifications like these give you peace of mind that the typical shock and vibration in a tough transportation environment will not affect your rugged computer adversely. Furthermore, you can often mount a rugged computer with a bracket that includes vibration isolation for additional stability in the cab of a car, truck, aircraft, boat, or rail car.

Tough Environmental Factor: Power Input Fluctuations

Rugged computers also feature wide power input ranges. When using an AC Adapter is not an option, connecting a direct DC power source usually requires a wide power input range. Rugged computers will often feature a wide range of 9-48 VDC allowing for fluctuations in power input and direct DC power. Furthermore, rugged computers can often feature a power option to pair with the ignition of your vehicle. This allows for a timed start and shutdown of your computer preventing corruption of your operating system. These power options make ditching that laptop power supply for your tough environment easy.

Got a Tough Environment? You Need a Rugged Computer

In summary, there are a number of key benefits to utilizing a rugged computer in your tough environment. From passive cooling to wide power input to extended temperature range, rugged computers are built to withstand your challenging environment. To learn more about rugged computers and what OnLogic has to offer, please contact our team at: 802-861-2300 or email info@onlogic.com.


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