Powering Innovation: Intelligent NVRs with Gorilla

The Next Generation of Intelligent NVRs

Intelligent NVRs are the technological evolution of network video recorders, offering real-time object detection and artificial intelligence, enabling actionable insights and solutions to real-world business challenges. Traditionally, NVRs simply record and play back events that have already transpired, requiring additional steps and manual intervention to review, process and act on recorded data.

Taking an innovative approach to NVRs, Gorilla Technology is leveraging Intel® OpenVINO™ Distribution Toolkit to enable advanced video analytics and surveillance that uses a networked architecture to create a proactive, real-time monitoring solution.

Intelligent NVRs meet OpenVINO

Gorilla’s Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder (IVAR™) software is the first certified IVA security software to fully leverage Intel’s OpenVINO platform. OpenVINO is Intel’s artificial intelligence toolkit; a scalable platform that efficiently extends workloads across key hardware to maximize performance. 

This enables IVAR-equipped edge devices to process one and a half times more real-time video analytics without the need for a graphics processing unit (GPU), lowering the cost of deployments and improving operating efficiency.

Combining this unified architecture with intelligent software allows real-time searches to track personnel, objects, or vehicles. This information can be used with watch lists and event-based tracking to identify unusual activities or intrusions and send appropriate notifications and alerts to prevent waste, loss, and shrinkage.

Intelligent Hardware for Intelligent NVRs

Gorilla’s intelligent video management grants unique insight into business and operations from within a single dashboard. This allows decision-makers the ability to protect assets with event-based surveillance solutions and respond to situations pro-actively.

But, real-time video analytics for smart decision making is only as reliable as the hardware running the applications. Recognizing an opportunity to innovate, we partnered with Gorilla to create a range of deployment-ready intelligent NVRs that take full advantage of Gorilla’s video analytics software with Logic Supply hardware as the backbone, with more on the way soon.

intelligent NVR with Gorilla

Appropriate hardware selection for applications designed to take advantage of networked architectures like OpenVINO requires careful consideration. Application-specific requirements such as connectivity, I/O, or performance must be balanced with environmental factors such as temperature, variable power sources, and the amount of dust and particulate present, all of which have a drastic effect on system performance and survivability.

Research, development, and our close working relationship with Intel has honed our hardware expertise with cloud and edge-based ecosystems, allowing us to develop a range of industrial NVRs that not just meet, but exceed, industry standards for thermal management and performance under load while offering the architectures and features required for specific industries and markets.

Industrial Intelligent NVRs

Intel’s 8th generation Coffee Lake processors are extremely capable and already optimized for use with OpenVINO. Wrapping them in our protective Hardshell technology designed for challenging environments allows these systems to function reliably for longer, resulting in less downtime, maintenance, and replacement costs over time. 

NVRs that fall into this category feature a resilient metal chassis, enhanced ESD and immunity protections, and some thoughtful thermal engineering to improve longevity in working environments.


Industrial NVR with Gorilla Technology

The GRL100 is a fan-cooled intelligent NVR that harnesses its six Core i5 or i7 processors in conjunction with Movidius to maximize the number of analytical channels using Gorilla’s OpenVINO-optimized software. It can also be configured with 4G cellular connectivity for remote deployments and network redundancy, which has become increasingly more important as computing extends farther and farther out from the data center. 

ML510-50 with Gorilla

Compact Fanless Industrial Coffee Lake Intelligent NVR with Gorilla

The ML510-50 is an achievement of thermal design, able to run up to Intel Core i7-8700T 2.4 GHz processors within a fanless, ventless chassis for enhanced reliability and protection from particulates and dust that would otherwise destroy a fan-cooled system. 

This fanless NVR has a few other tricks hidden up its sleeve; the system brings dual LAN, additional LAN and COM expansion, CAN bus, and six USB ports to serve as a reliable indoor intelligent NVR.

Rugged Intelligent NVRs

Our philosophy on rugged edge computers extends to intelligent NVRs for mobile deployments or where additional protection is required. Built on the same optimized platform and featuring vibration and shock tolerance, wide operating temperature range, and automotive power, rugged NVRs are purpose-built to survive the most challenging environments. 


Rugged NVR with Gorilla Technology

The GRL200 is a compact rugged intelligent NVR that takes full advantage of its CPU and Movidius to run analytics on input from up to 10 PoE cameras. The system is designed to withstand shock, vibration, and temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C and can be customized with specific I/O based on an application’s specific requirements, including automotive deployments. This makes the GRL200 a versatile choice for mobile surveillance or challenging remote environments that require multiple cameras.

Karbon 700 with Gorilla

Karbon 700 High-Performance Rugged Intelligent NVR with Gorilla

Karbon 700 brings up to Core i7 and Xeon-level processing, dual hot-swap bays, and powers up to six PoE cameras with options for GPU expansion. Karbon 700 can also be configured with multiple Movidius modules to scale performance with application needs and features intelligent automotive power, customizable DIO and micro control unit, and medical-grade ESD protection. Designed for the most demanding environments, this system can withstand impacts up to 50G, shrugs off vibration, and operates in a wide -40 to 70C temperature range.

Getting Started With Gorilla Intelligent NVRs

Gorilla IVAR™ from Logic Supply gives you the power of advanced video analytics at the edge, allowing for on-site image processing to deliver actionable facial, vehicle and object recognition in any environment. With Gorilla hardware solutions from Logic Supply, you can reliably prevent loss, not just react to it. Click here to start building your intelligent NVR, or reach out to our System Experts to discuss your project requirements.


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