OnLogic Solutions Architect, Johnny Chen, is the first guest on’s new podcast: IoT Dev Chat. Created for developers and engineers, the podcast will focus on a variety of IoT-related topics, including hardware design, coding, AI, and many more. The first episode is called “Secrets of Rugged AI”, and covers machine learning/AI and how to overcome implementation challenges in rugged environments., an Intel-sponsored publication, invited Johnny to be a guest on the podcast after interviewing him for an article about how to fast-track computer vision at the Edge. In the episode, this topic gets explored even further. Johnny talks about writing AI code for portability, and the role of Intel’s OpenVINO.

One of the advantages of OpenVINO that Johnny points out, is its versatility in industrial environments. One example is the use of a rugged system, with resistance to extreme temperatures, that needs to do real-time vision processing, but has no room for a dedicated GPU (such as in an Edge Device).

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