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OnLogic Live – IGEL Ready Event Recap

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It’s not every day you get to welcome the Global CEO of a leading technology company to join you for a discussion in-front of a live audience. So when Jed Ayres, Global CEO of IGEL Technology agreed to join us, we were thrilled to present OnLogic Live – IGEL Ready. As a leader in the lean OS space, Jed has taken IGEL to new levels during his tenure with the company.

For our event, we brought together Jed with Patrick Metzger, Partner Marketing Manager and James Floyd, Sales Engineering Manager to talk about all things IGEL and IGEL Ready.

IGEL OS is Made for Efficiency and Ease of Management

When a company is looking to scale and expand access to technology for their growing roster of employees, or “end users” as IGEL refers to them, they often run into the challenge of device management. Maintaining existing devices, optimizing the user experience, and ensuring the security of their data can become an overwhelming task – especially as more employees begin working from home.

Often, the first option companies consider is adding more employees to their IT teams to manually attend to the increasing number and diversity of their hardware. However, there is another option. IGEL OS allows for a diverse pool of devices to run a single, secure operating system based on Linux.

IGEL Ecosystem

Through IGEL’s partnerships with all major Virtual Desktops and extensive protocols to connect to cloud workspaces, the end user is able to complete their work in a myriad of familiar environments such as Windows. An administration environment for IT to control the management of existing devices and easily set up new devices through applying pre-configured system images.

IGEL OS is Amazingly Lean

IGEL OS itself is a lean, easy-to-manage and super secure operating system. With the ability to optimize to about 1GB, the read-only software can fit on a USB drive. And IGEL’s update policy requires fewer, smaller updates than many popular Operating Systems, meaning fewer interruptions for your employees so they can focus on being productive in their core responsibilities.

“We think our systems are the future. It’s almost like an invisible operating system that’s very secure, delivers a great experience and can be managed at scale. We have environments with 100,000+ devices that can be managed by a handful of people.”

Jed Ayres, Global CEO IGEL Technology

OnLogic and IGEL Share a Commitment to the Environment

OnLogic takes many steps to minimize impact on the environment, including re-use of packing materials from our supply chain and designing highly reliable systems. That means the devices won’t have to be replaced as frequently. Shipping the computers with IGEL OS pre-imaged allows the system to be shipped directly where it’s needed. It eliminates the step of IT having to image the device and re-ship to the end user location.

IGEL OS is able to extend the useful life of many computers, reducing the amount of e-waste that enters into landfills. With the lean nature of their OS, basic tasks are able to be run on computers which may lack the performance to run them natively. In addition, by running the Linux-based operating system independent of the on-device OS, you’re able to keep connections secure and independent from potential threats that exist on other software installed on end user’s home computers due to personal use. This limits the need to purchase and deploy additional hardware for temporary use.

Choose the Right Hardware to Ensure a Long Life

Off-the-shelf hardware often fails due to the environment in-which it is placed, or the dependability of the components themselves. Ingress of dust and debris through cooling fans can adversely affect many components. The cooling fans themselves are a common point of failure which can create overheating and cause irreparable damage to the internals of the system.

By replacing the cooling fans with fanless thermal management, which we call OnLogic Hardshell Technology, failure points are reduced while also offering devices that are able to handle a wider range of temperature, shock, and vibration. Thereby, OnLogic thin clients can be depended on to last longer while requiring less maintenance than traditional desktop computers in all environments, reducing the e-waste generated by repeated hardware failures.

Ready to Go – IGEL Ready

If you’re looking to invest in new hardware, you want to know that it is going to work smoothly out of the box with your operating system of choice. This is exactly why IGEL established the IGEL Ready program. To receive the designation of IGEL Ready, IGEL requires that each device is independently verified to perform well with the IGEL OS.

“IGEL Ready is about time-to-value for our customers. IGEL Ready systems have been certified and well thought out for the life of the technology. It’s like a stamp from IGEL that says we stand behind these solutions.” Jed Ayres, Global CEO IGEL Technology

OnLogic engineers utilize software provided by IGEL to run a battery of tests on each new thin client for which we are seeking the IGEL Ready designation. We provide the results to IGEL for verification prior to making it available for configuration and sale.

“We selected our most popular industrial and rugged systems to become IGEL Ready. From small and compact to extremely rugged. We have a consultative sales process so that we really understand the customers use case and environment and can help them select the best solution for their needs.” James Floyd, OnLogic Sales Engineering Manager

When you purchase one of our thin clients with IGEL OS pre-imaged at the time of shipping, this reduces your efforts needed to deploy and deliver to the final point of install – whether the office, a separate warehouse, or the home of a remote employee.

Watch OnLogic Live: IGEL Ready

OnLogic Live Event Screenshot

The combination of IGEL OS and OnLogic’s dependable thin clients create a solution that many IT professionals consider ideal; ease of deployment in a large variety of environments, minimal maintenance, and highly-secure remote management efficiencies at-scale. Meanwhile benefits such as silent operation, a variety of performance options, and modern industrial design provide the optimal experience to the end user.

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About the Author: Patrick Metzger

Patrick is the Partnership Marketer at OnLogic. His love for technology started with building computers from components with his father as a child and continues to this day. With a professional background in IT, Marketing, Media Production and SaaS, communication is the passion that brings it all together. Patrick currently lives in Richmond, VT, taking advantage of all the outdoor adventures Vermont has to offer.
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