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NUC-Based AG960 Offers Ultimate Flexibility

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NUC - Embedded

AG960 Core i Compact Multimedia Computer

As technology advances, customers expect more and more from smaller and smaller computers. Ideally, systems balance flexibility, size, computing power, and energy consumption. Happily, the Logic Supply product engineering team has been hard at work on a unit that that harmonizes these demands — and literally fits in the palm of your hand. It’s the AG960 Core i Compact Multimedia Computer.

Based off Intel’s Next Unit of Computer (NUC) form factor, the AG960 was designed with flexibility in mind. It’s intended to live within space constrained environments offering industrial computing power and durability in a system designed to be redesigned.

“The NUC offered many advantages so we refined the commercial system to accommodate the needs of large scale digital signage customers, making the unit more durable, discreet, and modular with a range of mounting options,” said Rodney Hill, Product Engineer at Logic Supply. “The enclosure can be physically reconfigured so that it is easily customized and branded to fit specific requirements.”

The case is 100% metal and constructed of high-quality rust protected steel to ensure longevity and durability. The unit boasts an additional front panel USB port and user power button with a LED indicator.

The Intel Ivy Bridge i3 processor offers HD-capable processing power while consuming only 17 watts. With onboard Intel HD graphics and two HDMI ports for dual independent digital displays, the AG960 is ideal for graphics-intensive applications.

Key features:

  • Ultra compact – Based on the Intel NUC form factor, the system fits in the palm of your hand and allows for discreet placement in space constrained environments.
  • Advanced processing – With a 1.80 GHz Intel Dual Core i3-3217U processor and the QS77 chipset, it eliminates the typical tradeoff between computer size and speed.
  • Energy efficient – The low TDP (Thermal Design Power) processor allows the system to run at under 30W, staying cool and ensuring stability, maximum uptime and longevity.
  • Multimedia Capable with Essential I/O – With Intel HD Graphics 4000, four 2.0 USB ports, two HDMI, the computer can power HD video and dual displays.
  • Low noise – Designed with a single centrifugal side blower fan, the system remains cool and quiet during operation.

Call one of our technical sales associates at 802 861 2300 to find out more about the AG960.


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